We all have challenges and fears, most of us (including me) will do anything we can to avoid these situations and feeling uncomfortable. There’s an old adage that there is no easy life, just tough decisions and the way in which you choose to approach the curveballs thrown at you will determine the life you lead.

Many people try to do anything they can to avoid the things that trouble them, the things where the unknown and fear live. Now you can live a life where you avoid any uncomfortable situation, but what will you learn from this? How to avoid, to stay stagnant, to never truly realise what you’re capable of – take that last one in again, as I feel that’s a key in why we avoid the uncomfortable, some of us are afraid to fully realise what we could be.

Our minds are built to problem solve and face challenges, actually they crave it, it’s what makes us tick – our mind is always looking for a good problem to solve and in some cases that’s also our downfall.

If you want to truly evolve, learn and develop into the best version of you, then you need challenges, you need shit that scares, you need to walk into the uncomfortable. The hardest part is always starting, but once you’ve jumped in there’s no stopping you, for better or worse you must face the discomfort head on and use your mind for what it’s meant to do, to find a way to overcome.

You’ll find lots of posts on medium with a variety of views on what it take to be successful, happy or whatever people seek and they all have one underlying theme – you must be prepared to face the uncomfortable and finding comfort within the uncomfortable is key.

Let’s not sugar coat it, it’s difficult, it’s hard, sometimes it will even hurt. But in order to break your limits and find out just how far you can go, what you’re capable of and what you can accomplish – you must endure.

What do I want you to take away from this?

To not be content, to not shy away from what you feel right now you could never do – I know what it’s like, I’ve been there too.

There’s no secret or magic formula to anything, although the charlatans will try to convince you otherwise. It’s about finding your ability to endure, look at those uncomfortable situations, assess them, embrace them and become so uncomfortable that in itself it becomes comfortable. Soon your feelings of discomfort and fear of the unknown will become the norm, breathe it in, grind and do the work, find that place of comfort within the chaos and own it.

Don’t be so hasty to put limits on your capabilities, look at what you want to achieve, identify where your biggest fears lie and embrace them.

Embrace the uncomfortable and find comfort within it, then you’ll truly know what you’re all about.

Originally published at medium.com