At the Heart of us all is the deep longing to love and be loved. Feeling connected to the goodness, truth and beauty in ourselves and others, is life’s richest treasure. To be included, accepted, welcomed and valued is a universal longing. When we feel safe enough to be seen and heard, and express our truth something magical happens. That magic power channels through our open Hearts as the mighty nuclear power of LOVE, the universal glue of life.

Love is the inner sensation of the Heart, which is why we close our eyes when we hug loved ones. The inside of our lives, is where we feel love and a sense of deep connection to ourselves and each other. Scientific research from the Heart Math Institute evidences how the electro-magnetic field of the Heart is 60 times stronger than the brain. There are 3 times more information highways from the Heart to the brain, than brain to Heart. Research proves how attention to gratitude, powers up the Heart energy and help us attract goodness.

When hard stuff happens to us, there is an old world tendency to shut down. This pattern of denial and avoidance is up for a worldwide review right now, the things we have been repressing are coming up! The good news is we all contribute to our collective healing by a simple shift in focus. Like shifting to a different TV station, at any given moment we can choose a different ‘channel’ and shift our attention. Our mental focus, like the light of a spotlight, directs our awareness, energy and thoughts. Aligning our head and Heart enables us to search for beauty and truth, which is always present even in chaotic times. We sense this in the innocence of children, the irrepressible joy of laughter and the magnificence and splendour of nature. 

In challenging times our strength, courage and beauty is accessible when we lift up to our Hearts ‘knowing’. Brene Brown, clinical Researcher and expert on the power of vulnerably says this, “Vulnerability is having the courage to show up when you can’t control the outcome”. Right now things are out of control. We are all in supremely challenging times, which is very difficult for us head dominated people who like to know the plan! Being heart connected to ourselves and others builds courage, dispels fear, and helps us access our ‘knowing’.

Staying light helps us to rise above

The Persian poet Hafiz writes “Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, You owe me. Look what happens with a love like that, it lights up the whole world”. Love and light are strong medicines. Light creates clarity and help us see, so we can navigate this time step by step. Staying light and loving towards ourselves and others, will also stop us from sinking too low. It takes effort to lift up, music, singing, dancing, story telling, keeping good company all build our communal Heart fire, to fan that light. Connecting Heart to Heart builds courage, it’s a Scientific fact and needed medicine for many in the world right now.

The science proves it and the mystics knew it, and we can experiment for ourselves. Learning to become Heart cantered can immediately transform our lives. Start now. Put your hand on your Heart, close your eyes and imagine the ‘Queen of your being’ sitting on a throne inside your Heart space. Take a little time to be with her and say “Thanks”. Breath gently while being aware, your own Heart knows you, she loves you, she has watched you soar, and stoop on occasions. Since the moment you were born, your own Heart has witnessed all you have done and thought. She has never doubted, judged or criticised. She loves you unconditionally, that’s her role. Ponder that truth, imbibe it, walk around with the ‘knowing’ this is true, and notice how it helps you find your inner courage.


  • Cameron Tukapua

    Chinese Medicine Practitioner I Strong Hearted Leadership Coach

    You Being You

    Cameron Tukapua synthesises her lifetime study of clinical acupuncture and professional development training into wellbeing and spiritual self-identity courses through You Being You. "As a sensitive high energy person it was massive relief to discover and start studying Chinese Medicine at age 21. It literally saved my life! Immediately I could see where I belonged in the world and how to strengthen my mind-body balance. This time tested medical tradition shows us how we connect to the world around us, and how the body-mind is one system . Teaching and learning has been a lifelong passion. For nearly a decade I owned and directed the "Christchurch College of Holistic Healing" offering full time Acupuncture practitioner training. Since 1993 I have co-led Mind-body Wellbeing retreats in Hawaii, China, Bali and New Zealand. What I know is people transform when they learn how to be their own healers and teachers. What we really need to know is inside us all. Facilitating connection to ourselves, others and universal energies, is my contribution to the Wellbeing revolution. The YBY courses provide simple clear reference points on HOW to nurture lifelong wellbeing for the body mind. The focus is on connecting to our true Heart nature. The teachings are Uplifting, Heartfelt and Unifying."