Feng Shui & Sacred Geometry Are Inherent In The Architecture Of Life…

Feng Shui and Space Planning are my life’s work and purpose. My goal is to impart greater understanding to the science behind these practices and the tangible benefits to our well-being and happiness. The origins, teachings and benefits of Feng Shui and its Western counterpart Sacred Geometry are ancient. They are equal parts science and sacred practices. So whether you lean towards the practical scientific aspects or the mystical ones, I assure you there’s something in it for you!

Feng Shui & The Bagua

In Feng Shui, we strive to live in harmony with nature and operate in a manner that is congruent and aligned with the natural rhythms of life. There is an energetic Map called the Bagua that helps us understand and work with the energies and elements in our environment to make the most of them. It gives context to specific areas of our properties, gardens, homes and businesses from an energetic perspective which can help inform how we use a space to maximize on its energetic potential! The origins of the Bagua are ancient and can be traced back by more than 5000 years. Feng Shui is an earth science so it’s principle concerns are in the effective use of land, the elements and their positive relationship with structures.

Yin & Yang

We also work with the energies of Yin & Yang which speaks to a series of opposites and how they complement each other by being inclusive of all of the contrasting energies. Harmony is best achieved when all of these energies are in balanced proportion to each other (male and female, big and small, dark and light, etc).

Sacred Geometry

We find sacred geometric patterns and shapes repeated in atoms, cells, geometry, biology and all forms of life. Sacred Geometry is concerned with the shapes, proportions and ratios that can be used to imbue a space with spiritual power. The Bagua, Yin & Yang, The Egg of Life, The Flower of Life, Tree of Life, Vesica Pisces, Pyramids, are all examples of sacred patterns, shapes, designs and forms. These ancient blue prints are inherent in the architecture of the natural world and can be applied to make the best use of a physical space whether it is a garden, a building, your home or business. In fact, many of our sacred buildings and churches like the Ronchamp Chapel of Notre Dame in France, the Parthenon in Ancient Greece and the Pyramids in Egypt are all designed with sacred geometry. As far as I’m concerned, really good design principles are sacred! “You can’t criticize Geometry, it is never wrong.” Paul Rand

When we live in harmony with the natural world, we are better able to create safe, supportive healthy environments for ourselves that support our highest good. We can all benefit from having a positive relationship with our environment and making the most of its potential. To learn more about Feng Shui, Space Planning and Space Therapy, reach out to me at [email protected] and visit http://narrativespacefengshui.com/.

Originally published at medium.com