(Photo by Sunyu on Unsplash)

Our world is polarised.
Coronavirus has highlighted this phenomenon.
There is a side which is panicking;
And there is another side which is nonchalant – living normal lives, not making any changes at all.

In this major polarity,
There is a small group of people who are not panicking AND are taking coronavirus seriously.
That is a good place to be.

How might we get this alternative, helpful perspective?

For those of us young and healthy–
The virus may not do much harm to us,
But we don’t want to become carriers of the virus infecting people around us and overwhelming the healthcare system.

We want to keep people around us safe.

Let’s take these precautions and NOT panic:
– Wash our hands frequently and properly
– Cover all coughs and sneezes
– Don’t touch our face
– Stay at home if possible
– Avoid crowds
– Avoid travel unless absolutely necessary

Let’s keep people around us safe.

It’s possible to take precautions and NOT panic. 
It’s good to do both.

For those of us wondering how this works with the Law of Attraction–

On a macro level
If we believe the world will survive Coronavirus, which it will;
We’ll take actions to make that happen
Which totally aligns with taking precautions to stop it from spreading.

On a micro level
If we believe we’ll remain healthy amidst Coronavirus,
We’ll take action to maintain our health, 
Which is consistent with taking precautions against catching the virus.

This is how we let our head and heart work synergistically.