When the flames of inner and outer desire are out of balance, transformation will take place, whether you expect it or not . When you awaken to your inner flames, you’ll witness the phoenix that rises from the ashes.

Fire is an element that gives warmth, cooks nourishing food, and provides the combustion responsible to drive, and to build. It also creates ash. Transformation must take place for growth to be a productive force. What might have served you previously is no longer helpful. The phoenix, a mythical bird, symbolizes rebirth and growth.

Emotionally, fire symbolizes the inner ability to create. You can imagine yourself as a blacksmith with a hammer, giving heat to creative endeavors and passions. With well-used fire, you lift your spirit and the spirits of those around you.

Picture the inner flames that have developed in your life. How have you nurtured them?

Are they helpful? Are they passionate? Or, have the flames gone out of control, and turned something you love to ashes, leaving you burnt?

What needs to be reborn in your life?

What habits need to change?

How will you use your inner fire for transformation?

What will become of the phoenix, reborn from the ashes?

Follow my 5-step process below to help you to manage your inner fire and ignite your creativity.

Step 1: Find a quiet space where you will not be interrupted for 20 minutes. Nature soundscape on noise canceling headphones are helpful to reduce outside noise.

Step 2: Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, visualizing the earth beneath your feet, the sky above your head, and your spine as the neutral space between.

Step 3: See yourself at a place near water building a campfire. See the fire as hot and vibrant. The logs of the fire symbolically representing what you would like to burn away; things in your life that you know are not helpful for living a better life.

Step 4: As the fire burns imagine yourself putting more wood onto the fire, each log burning to ash. See the cycle of ash turning to rich soil used to develop new growth in your life.

Step 5: When you feel complete with the process of managing your inner fire gently come back into the room and the physical space around you.

Copyright Darren Becket