In the modern era, where everyone lives dynamic lives that change daily, it’s hard to stay focused on our goals. Social media and general public opinion can easily sway us into giving up on our dreams because others do not agree with the path we’ve chosen. It’s at those times of unclear thoughts and doubts that we have to motivate ourselves, push forward, and strive to improve in career paths we’re truly passionate about. 

In certain times of life, you might find it difficult to pinpoint and focus on a certain thing you are passionate about. If you’re older, you might fear that life has gone by and that you haven’t chosen the right path for yourself. If you find yourself in this situation, remember that It’s never too late to pursue your dreams, and the most important aspect of that pursuit is the outlook on life you have.

If you’re young on the other hand, you might be given a seemingly endless array of options, making it difficult for your clouded mind to decide what to do. Worry not, billions of people of every age question their career paths daily, and being confused in this aspect of life is a completely natural state of mind. 

The first thing that is holding you down and clouding your mind is a corrupted train of thought people are embracing since childhood. The competitive attitude that we are taught to embrace at our workplace or if we are younger, at our educational establishment. For example. in elementary school, kids are publicly given their grades, which instills hostile thoughts, and promotes unnecessary competition and jealousy between them. If you’re working in a company, on the other hand, you may have found yourself envious of the results of your colleagues, which results in an unhealthy atmosphere nobody benefits from. 

Rather than focusing on other people’s successes and failures, you should focus on personal progress you are making on a day-to-day basis, and certain aspects of life you are gifted in. Once you’ve gotten rid of the corrupted mindset, you will be able to think more clearly and explore more productive activities that may prove to be your career path in the future.

A good way to find things you’re passionate about is to dig up your old childhood dreams and explore them further by visualizing how they would fit in your current life. If you lack inspiration in that regard, try taking up new hobbies that you haven’t thought of before, and seeing if they would make a positive impact on your character. 

Additionally, a good way to get to know the things you’re good at is to ask your friends and loved ones. Once you’ve picked the activities you’re interested in, the next step is to organize your day so you can spend your time more effectively, which will result in a clearer state of mind, and will allow you to think outside of boundaries you’ve previously set for yourself.

Every day should be perceived as another opportunity to be better at what you’re doing than the day before and the day after should match that similar philosophy. Dream Architect Travis W. Fox says: “You don’t need to find your passion, rather be passion and your path reveals itself.” In translation, to find passion in life, you must be the passion you’re craving towards by focusing on self-improvement, trying your hardest in difficult situations, and being kind to people around you. 

Rather than blindly looking for passion in life, embrace a positive and healthy perspective of everything that surrounds you and success will follow instantly. Now, remember that life can be rough and you shouldn’t give up on your dreams if it’s initially not working out. Every scar we have has only made us stronger and the only time we’re truly down is when we don’t try to get up again so always get up and push yourself forward.