Life is just PEACHY! It is! But sooooometimes it’s not—and that’s just the truth. I, as the official, highest level spokeswoman for The Sunny Side International, LLC, Ph.D. United, Inc. (a real title, I swear!) do my best to see the positive peach in each day. The Sunny Side, if you will—but it doesn’t work all the time. (Some of the time is better than never. I like having those odds in my favor. See, it’s working!)

Being happy doesn’t come naturally for everyone, and it doesn’t always for me. (I was surprised by that, too.) I want to be happy, I love it so. But I also fall victim to allowing others to fuel my state of being; it’s something I’m working on. I’m that girl who morphs to the energy that surrounds her. I’ll follow a motivated person to the stars, a mindful person into meditation, heck, I can’t even chat with a Brit without taking on their accent! (I’m a very impressionable girl, I’m not mocking you, I swear!) So negative energy can drag me dooooown.

And how do I bounce back you ask? Liquor!

KIDDING! (Mostly!)

What I do (and it works) is to heighten my expectations.

The goal is not to expect less from others or yourself, because lord will they take you up on it! It’s to expect more from the little things—the things almost nobody has the power to change or take away. These moments or things or feelings just are—and they take little effort or time to appreciate. Claim that as a win!

Identify the things that make you happy and find more ways to incorporate that into your life! From there, you can blow more sunshine up your asssstronomically average days—and make each one better than the last.

Find Your Happy!

I give praise to the coffee that is set to brew even before stepping out of bed each day.
IG stories keep me entertained and laughing, feeling connected even when I’m alone.
Conversations beyond the basics make me feel whole.
Sliding into my slippers at night—delicious.
Wine—also a yum.

Woven in between the murky things we can’t control are the little things—simple and bright. Whether the day was a great success or a total cluster fucoidan (a sulfated polysaccharide found mainly in various species of brown algae- I swear, look it up!), a few small victories can be guaranteed, if you so choose.

Here, you’ll find 48 Things That Keep Me Happy—the little, bright things that make me smile. It’s as simple as that.

shiny lipgloss
board games
washing my face
vinegar Windex
scrolling through family photos
strong wifi
instagram stories
crisp air
sunday dinner
a bike ride
fizzy, cold seltzer
a lit fireplace
decorated doorsteps
an unprompted I love you
dinner parties
thank yous
blonde hair
sibling peace
green grass
the sound of Poppy eating
real conversation
my slippers
sharp pencils

What's Your Happy?

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