If you are yoga or meditation person, chances are finding that perfect spot would be on top of your list. With the right kind of knowledge and technique, every spot can be made perfect. Simply by having supportive things around you, meditation can be achieved to its maximum extent.

Large Wall Mirror in your yoga room or any private space can provide maximum output. Meditation and place of Zen are achieved by creating that bit of calm around us. Large mirror on that main wall can not only expand the view but also make you look at yourself while you meditate.

Mirrors Calm Your Thoughts

One of the best features about mirrors of any kind is that they calm your thoughts. There is a reason why they have been implemented in interiors for such a long time. It largely has to do with the calmness around them. Even science has proved their ability to bring calmness in any room they are in.

Basically, mirror is always constant. It will never absorb anything that falls on its surface. Everything image or person that bestows or casts an image onto its surface, gets reflected back. These are also known to fog up from time to time. Even that enhances their ability to add that bit of Zen and peace.

Yoga enthusiasts always appraise mirrors near them. The sight of yourself calming down calms you down even more. This plays a vital role for mirrors in any meditation room or space. Also, light falls back onto you with its magnificence helping with the whole calming down as well.

Mirrors Make the Room Brighter

Darker places have never been favorites for meditating ones. Zen is achieved through peace and brightness that is well controlled. Mirrors master the art of expanding brightness in all directions. As their surfaces almost fully reflect light back inside the room they are in, even dim lights work best.

Especially, rooms with large windows in them benefit from this effect most. As daylight strikes their surface, most of it reflected back at the person meditating next to them. Also, light gets thrown back at all the other objects and surfaces in the room.

Making your rooms brighter, mirrors convey the right message to your brain. Our brains are wired to understand light as calming when it is controlled. Even installing more than on large wall mirrors in your place of Zen or meditation is the best idea.

Mirrors Disperse Energy in Rooms

Meditation is all about energies. More you get positive energies, better you will be able to meditate. This is where mirrors probably provide the most benefit. They contribute to the peace and calm in your rooms by dispersing energies in all direction.

All kinds of energies including light and many other hidden ones are reflected back in all directions without getting absorbed. This makes your rooms perfect for that bit of meditation. Very few people know about this property of mirrors and yet it is available at all times.

It is especially beneficial when you are doing your yoga or meditation right in front of it. Positive energies will flow right through you deepening that sense of meditation all that much. A fully Frameless Mirror on that main wall in your room of Zen should work best in all respects.

Awareness of the Surroundings Helps

When you do your yoga bits and meditate, essentially, you want to get disturbed the least. Any kids, partners, mates or even pets in the home should make you change your posture the least. This is where mirrors also provide a great feature. You will not have to give up your yoga posture any time soon.

When doing your yoga in front of a large wall mirror, you can be aware of the surroundings at all times. There is not much need usually of giving up the posture. You can simply know who comes in the room with their image in the mirror and answer most questions right there and then.

This boosted awareness of the surroundings enables you to meditate for longer periods of time. working perfectly in shape of your room, you can even have more than one mirrors. This will bring even more boosted awareness to you while meditating.

Overall Aesthetic Is Simply Priceless

Interiors are all about their look and feel whichever room you are considering. That place for meditation and Zen can also benefit from a good aesthetic very much. Mirrors create a very usable design aesthetic of their own. Whether you go with frameless mirrors or framed ones, best designs are available.

Antique mirrors in their large frames are perfect for yoga as well when installed in full wall sizes. Frameless designs also appeal to be floating creating a mesmerizing aesthetic of their own. Mirrors can also be the center point for your design language in any room when done right.

You can continue your design themes with their frame designs in place of meditation. They also help reduce the clutter as much of is will be visible in their surfaces as well. With all these major benefits, mirrors help you meditate much more efficiently.


Most of these are factors no one tells you about these days. However, with just a simple addition to your place of meditation, you can expand its benefits greatly. Not only will you be able to calm down in front of a large mirror better but the overall aesthetic will be worthwhile as well.

It is just a simple trick that can add much more to your personal spaces. Yoga masters and meditation experts also recommend having large wall mirrors in your places of Zen. Get the most out of yours with a large mirror that will benefit you for a long time to come.