Singing makes you happy… so why the silence?

As a singing teacher, so many of my clients come to me with stories of a childhood humiliated by adults and peers who beckoned them not to sing.

The US has created a culture where singing is only ok if you’re a pro, extraordinarily talented…or drunk at karaoke.  

I wondered why singing back home was limited to either a stage or a shower. 

While in Italy, I watched in awe as entire groups of friends sang songs together, passing the guitar around for hours after dinner.  Everyone sang solos with confidence and vigor.  No one laughed.   

Most importantly, each and every person was happy.  

I wondered why singing back home was limited to either a stage or a shower. Especially since singing has been found to provide amazing health benefits.  

Music is medicine.

Music and singing can create bonding and provide immediate stress release.  

In fact, a recent study found that one song could reduce anxiety by 40 percent.   A quick, inexpensive and easily accessible remedy!

Sing out!

So when you are feeling down, try singing along to your favorite song.  Don’t be shy and sing with fervor!  

Scared or embarrassed? Don’t know where to start?  If you need help finding your voice after years of suppressing it, there are free video tips on YouTube that can help you learn the fundamentals of singing (breath support, exercises, confidence) so that you can break through the barriers that keep you from singing your way to happiness.   

You deserve to live life with gusto. Don’t let the melody pass you by.