I never thought that I would be sharing my story. I always knew that I love people but something was missing along the way… You know how can also sure you know who you are but there is always something else, much deeper world that are not willing to reveal. Who likes to be vulnerable? I thought I am open-minded, honest, friendly and confident yet there are moments you cry and talk to your self trying to find an answer of never-endless story why are we here… What for? Self-compassion never comes to mind, we tend to think that it is too selfish maybe and we go again over this circle of life. Born ready, ready to study, ready to work, ready to marry, ready to succeed until we cannot stop this monkey mind trying to find all answers and solutions. We think we know everything and even if we don’t we can always find an answer. How about our blind spots, our past that we drag with us everywhere. I always heard past does not equal future and still stick to my past memories as we most of us do. Guess what you cannot step into your future if you have any constraints. Here we go again, emotions, attachments and thoughts, can we ever leave them behind and learn to be present every day. Mindfulness is really powerful experience and I was happy only during my meditation, I thought this is the right way to be happy for a few minutes and then come back to reality. But what is reality, isn’t what we create ourselves?! Let’s experiment for a few months and train our happiness muscle to extend when we happy every day and if not let’s come back to the beginning, beginning of everything, of true self where you happy with yourself and everyone around. I am on a mission to do that and keep you updated. So far so good and self-compassion gives me more strength and power to share my inner peace with everyone. I am excited of all locked doors to be open soon and get more outstanding results. Let’s be consistent and live mindfully every day.