Two years ago we were strangers to one another. One of us was up to her elbows trying to find a solution for waste management, another was working as a producer for a television network, one was an event planner at a law firm, and I was a stay at home mom. The universe works in strange and mysterious ways however, and due to a confluence of coincidence and unanticipated turns of events, two years and several life changes later, we are all more than strangers. Together, we formed a team at a small company known best for its unexpectedly viral product launch in the spring of 2018. 

When I reflect on the last two years working for Final, I think first of those initial days of being certain that I had no idea what I was doing. Safe to say, none of us really did. We had a mission though and a strong leader with a tremendous vision that she generously made transparent to each member of the group. In a manner similar to that of a freshman team of recruits, we committed ourselves to learning how to identify next steps and recognize which team members’ skill set was best applied to solve critical issues and propel the company forward.

As is frequently seen with teams that consistently dedicate themselves to the refinement of practices, we now resemble a varsity unit. Although some of us have actually never met in person, we are able to anticipate each other’s next move and we support each other unequivocally. It was no surprise to me that our first team meeting during the early days of social distancing was one of solidarity, information, and reassurance. Each of us came to the team with a solid background in something completely unrelated to our current job descriptions. Now we would apply the depth and breadth of our earlier experiences and knowledge, instruct each other on how to adapt quickly, and support each other in the navigation of a decidedly uncertain and unfamiliar field of play with the adoption of new rules for living and working during a global pandemic.

In this period of isolation, where it would be extremely easy to retreat into the depths of the unknown, our lifeline has been found in the ability of our team to rely on and learn from one another in new ways. By tapping into and sharing the muscle memory of lessons learned in other times and different places, we have strengthened our bond and our commitment to one another as a team in work and now in life.