So many people are wondering around this life very confused, for they want to understand what their calling is and where to focus their energy. For me, I know that being a creative soul is tricky enough on its own, for the creative mind is excited about so many things. I would be in love with the idea of being an entrepreneur, designing, creating art, writing, helping others, etc; that my energy was always stretched. When you have ‘stretched out’ energy it usually results in fatigue and not doing anything well. After I got clear on what I wanted my mission to be, the things that I only LIKED to do fell away from my to-do list. Every time something that I only liked to do dropped away, I felt that I became more aligned with my soul’s path.

If you bring up the subject of “alignment” in a group of people, you will usually hear the ideas of moving in the direction of your intuition, doing what feels good to you and exploring your skills and talents. I asked a magical friend and Soul Alignment Coach Leimomi Keliikuli, to join me in a fun conversation about magic, creativity and the secrets to becoming aligned with your soul’s calling. Her ideas are this plus so much more. Leimomi explains to us that we all have three main soul gifts, and when used in order, your wildest dreams can be created. These gifts give you clear insight into how you should be operating your business, how you should be wording your website copy and what actions you should be taking.

I hope you find this video helpful, as we dive into embracing one’s most abundant path. Enjoy, take it all in, share, love and feel gratitude for being alive. Please feel free to share this post with family and friends. Just click on this video below.

Originally published at on February 2, 2017.

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