In today’s screen-saturated society, finding balance is more important than ever. The constant barrage of social media can leave us feeling disconnected from the real world and its beauty. Research shows that the average person spends nearly 2 hours and 23 minutes on social media each day, leading to a decline in meaningful interactions and an overlooked appreciation for real-life experiences. 

It’s time to unplug and recharge. By stepping away from our screens, we can rediscover the beauty of real-life experiences and foster deeper connections with the world around us. Here are three ways to unplug and recharge that will help you reconnect with the world and improve your well-being.

1. Experience immersive art.

One of the best ways to disconnect from digital distractions is to immerse yourself in art. Immersive art installations, where you can engage with the artwork physically and emotionally, offer a unique opportunity to stimulate your senses and creativity. These experiences not only offer a break from screens but also foster mindfulness and presence as you explore and appreciate the intricate details of the art.

In New York City, SUMMIT One Vanderbilt offers a range of immersive experiences that engage all senses, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in the moment. These include:

  • Air by Kenzo Digital: A multi-sensory art installation that combines visuals, sound, and light to create a captivating environment that encourages mindfulness and presence.
  • Affinity Room: A reflective environment with interactive elements that respond to the presence and movements of visitors, creating a dynamic and engaging experience.
  • Levitation: Glass skyboxes that extend from the building, offering exhilarating views and encouraging visitors to focus on the present.
  • Unity Room: Designed to symbolize interconnectedness, this room uses reflections to create an impression of endless space and multiple perspectives.

These installations, along with panoramic views and innovative architecture, provide an exceptional way to step away from screens and immerse in real-life beauty. Exhibits like SUMMIT One Vanderbilt appeal to locals and tourists alike, offering a unique and memorable experience away from screens and amidst unforgettable scenery.

2. Embrace screen-free moments.

Incorporating regular intervals without digital devices into your daily life is crucial for enhancing well-being. Designate specific times of the day as screen-free zones, such as during meals or before bedtime. This practice helps reshape your value system, refocus priorities, and rejuvenate your mind through direct engagement with your surroundings and personal interactions. To make this habit stick, try activities that naturally keep you away from screens, like reading a book, gardening, or engaging in a hobby that requires hands-on involvement. 

Additionally, spending time in nature has been shown to have numerous benefits, such as improving mood and cognitive function. Engaging in outdoor activities like hiking or simply taking a walk in a park can provide a much-needed break from the digital world and help you reconnect with your environment. 

3. Stay present and reflective.

Research suggests that constant exposure to screens can lead to mental fatigue and decreased productivity. By creating dedicated screen-free periods, you can improve your focus and overall mental health. For instance, incorporating mindfulness practices like meditation or yoga can significantly enhance your ability to stay present and reduce stress.

During enriching experiences, such as visiting scenic locations or attending live events, consider using therapeutic methods like jotting down thoughts in a journal or delaying social media updates to remain present. This practice not only deepens your engagement with the moment but also improves your capacity to reflect and appreciate the finer details of life. 

Unplugging from social media and reducing screen time is essential for reconnecting with the world and enhancing overall well-being. By experiencing immersive art, embracing screen-free moments, and staying present and reflective, you can rediscover the beauty of real-life experiences and foster deeper connections with the world around you. These practices will not only improve your mental health but also enrich your life with meaningful interactions and lasting memories.


  • Brittany Hodak

    Keynote Speaker and Author

    Brittany Hodak is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, and customer experience speaker who has delivered keynotes across the globe to organizations including American Express and the United Nations. She has written hundreds of articles for Forbes, Adweek, Success, and other top publications; she has appeared on programs on NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN; and she has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands and entertainers, including Walmart, Disney, Katy Perry, and Dolly Parton. She originated the role of Chief Experience Officer at, and she founded and scaled an entertainment startup to eight figures before exiting. Entrepreneur magazine calls her “the expert at creating loyal fans for your brand.” Brittany’s debut book, Creating Superfans, will be in stores on January 10, 2023.