In my 39 years, I have found and lost (then found and lost) fearless, over and over again. It is a state I both love and fear most; because to lose fear is to lose safety, security, and comfort. There is nothing wrong with fear. It helps us, reminds us of our humanity. It allows for vulnerability, but it is a balance.

To lose fear is to tread the unfamiliar. It is to let go of ourselves, our worries, our concerns, and, then, take a dive at the outrageous, the uncomfortable, the awesome, and the unpredictable – the bold, the daring, and the scary.

The insecurity involved in actually trying to be fearless can be overwhelming. I know this from experience, because I often let it nearly destroy me, my resolve, my momentum, my ambition, and all the dreams I have impatiently piling up at the gate.

But it is so worth the letting go. Because through this fearlessness, we chance finding all kinds of amazing things, including unexplored sides of ourselves. Be prepared; you may actually risk learning your own strength.

So, what can we do to find fearless?

Below are some things to try. You may have a list of your own. Either way, the point is in letting go and being fearless, no matter how big or how small.

Most of the items on this list may seem simple. But there’s a point in that. Courage is not all about jumping out of airplanes. Fearlessness is about stepping outside of yourself, outside of expectations, and outside of norms. Just try and see what bubbles up. You may be surprised about what you have as fears or self-created limits. Then, if you so choose, find the fun in breaking them.

Here are some ways I have found to break free and find fearless:

1) Paint in your everyday clothes.

2) Jump in with your clothes on.

3) Try that crazy dish.

4) Book that trip.

5) Dance to your own tune – literally! Around the house, out in public…go ahead!

6) Do that thing you’ve always said that other people do.

7) Cry for real.

8) Love as if you have nothing to lose.

9) Do something that gives you gumption.

10) Play a sport badly.

11) Find the humor in sadness.  

12) Drive to who knows where.

13) Have the guts to live fully.