In 2019, I embarked on a 10-month world trip with nothing but a backpack, a one-way ticket to India, and a burning desire to break out of the rat race and explore my life’s purpose. Guided by my intuition, my first stop took me to India where I became a certified yoga teacher and continued further to Bali and Australia. 

Navigating the highs and lows of solo travel, here are the main lessons I learned: 

  • Slow travel: Spending more time in each destination allowed me to savor the culture and connect deeply with the locals while nourishing myself through yoga and meditation. The slower pace felt soothing and there was no rush to tick destinations off a list.

  • Community life: Each country has its own way of socializing. In Italy, people meet up for a glass of wine, whereas in Australia sports activities are the common ground. I felt a strong sense of community on Bronte Beach with locals going for a morning swim. It motivated me to wake up early and set the tone of the day.

  • Wisdom from the elderly: Older people have a wealth of knowledge to share. Engaging with those 40+ expanded my mind. Soaking in their energy was transformational.

  • Tuning into universal energy: Everything around us radiates energy. I followed my intuition and aligned myself with the high-vibe people and places that resonate with my soul. If something felt “off”, I trusted my instinct and changed environments.

  • Beauty all around: In a country of extreme contrasts such as India, you can see poverty, misery, and disorder, as well as enchanting art, temples, nature, and people’s smiles. The more the challenging environment, the more they will shine. Focus on the enchanting aspects of life while being aware of the darker side.

  • Connection to nature and to a higher force: Solo travel invited me to lose myself in the breathtaking landscapes. Whether strolling barefoot on sun-kissed Australian shores or marveling at rugged coastlines, we can all connect with the divine force that is always guiding and protecting us.

  • The art of letting go: My trip was a series of hellos and goodbyes. In the end, I had to let go of a lifestyle I have built up in Australia. This journey showed me the importance of surrender, non-attachment, and trust in a deeper force. Go with the flow and be patient.
  • Power of independence: Being able to rely on oneself is the most important skills you can learn. It’s a mix of meeting your basic needs (choose a safe, cozy accommodation or go out for a nice meal), as well as emotional needs (cheer yourself up when things don’t go as planned, you feel homesick or lonely). In the end, the only person who is going to be able to make you happy is only YOU.

  • Solitude: There is a difference between being lonely and being alone. The more you connect with yourself, the more you can enjoy moments of solitude. I spent a lot of time alone in restaurants, hotels, and on the road. People joining us on our journey should be enriching it and not filling a void.

  • You don’t always need to have a plan: Sometimes living day by day is the sanest thing you can do. In the beginning, I only knew I’ll spend the first two months in India and the rest of the trip was open. Thanks to my internal guidance and recommendations, spending one month in Bali was the best decision. After my instincts decided to fly me to Sydney where I found a job within three weeks. Go with the flow always.

  • Be comfortable to get uncomfortable: I got it all in the most unexpected moments. Monsoon showers, power cuts, uncomfortable beds, cockroaches, food poisoning, travel changes, swollen bank cards…It can be a ride, but hey, you get out of it alive. And stronger on the other side.

  • Freedom: It means being able to live the life you desire. For me, it’s yoga, living by the ocean, wandering in nature, writing, and working for a higher purpose (health & well-being). Real freedom can be found only within, free of any mental chains.

  • Being of service to others: True satisfaction comes from using our talents to uplift others’ lives. In cultures like Bali’s, this service-oriented mindset is the norm, with locals taking care of their communities and presenting offerings to their deities. As Buddha said: “By lighting the candle of others you cannot extinguish your own.”

  • Love: Love can manifest in all forms, not only as the conventional romantic bond. It can be found in a beautiful sunset, a nature walk, a helpful act to a stranger, shared laughter with a friend, or simply feeling comfortable in your own skin. Love is being happy with yourself and sharing it with others. True love is freedom.

Long-term travel was an enriching journey of self-discovery. I came in touch with the deeper aspects of myself, who I was, and what I was meant to be doing in life. It felt like coming back home to my TRUE self.

A fulfilled and abundant life is not about more achievements or material things. It’s about how alive you feel on the inside – your wealth of relationships, experiences, and emotions. 

Travel to learn. Make new connections. And discover your inner world. 

Travel to live.


  • Barbora Pocuchova

    Wellness Copywriter

    Barbora is a conversion copywriter & strategist with 8+ years of experience. Her purpose is to inspire change through well-being and regeneration. Barbora helps conscious brands create clear content strategies and write powerful content that improves online visibility and amplifies their positive impact. Barbora has grown up and lived in eight countries across Europe, America, and Oceania. She shares a passion for personal development, healing, and well-being and is a certified yoga instructor.