There’s chaos in the world and as a result, many people take on the stress that comes with that in their lives, often to their own detriment. However, at the heart of it, people are resilient if they allow themselves to be. They can use what they stand against to do something that inspires them in a positive way—without harming anyone and creating a bridge to those they disagree with that allows for a solid discussion. These are moments that feel good and often enough, happiness can result from what was thought of as “the worst thing ever.” Additionally, these are moments where leaders are born and new levels of awareness are created. As a result, everyone wins.

Here are three ideas that can boost your happiness and make a difference, no matter what chaos in the world is challenging you:

· Find a way that works for you to make a difference.

You don’t have to be a politician to make a difference (stop laughing.) Some of the greatest change takes place at the grassroots level, where you volunteer or gather together in support of what you believe in. Think of the causes that motivate you and take action. Services for the elderly, children, and troubled teens always need attention. Being a mentor and helping cultivate the leaders of tomorrow is highly rewarding, as well. If you more happiness for everyone, you have to look beyond “talking the talk” and go into action. And remember that it is okay if everyone doesn’t agree with you on everything so don’t make that a requirement.

· Determine if your lifestyle and habits are uplifting you or hindering you.

Regardless of your situation or location, you are the one who is responsible for taking the actions you need to achieve a life that will be happy and fulfilling. No one can do this for another person. It’s all on us, but it doesn’t have to be a burden. Inward reflection is a wonderful way to alleviate tension and promote hope. You can be your own activist working on your own cause too! If you finances are askew, find a way to put them back in order. When you are disheartened about not having a healthy meal plan, get resourceful. The things that you feel are lessening the quality of your life can be addressed and as you learn, you can inspire others. This is true leadership and worthy of a salute.

· Stop creating labels and categories because it serves no purpose.

The combination of the anonymity of the internet with personal opinion has made for a breeding ground unlike anything we’ve seen before. It emboldens people to call others names they would never say face-to-face. It seems juvenile, and this is because it actually is, but you don’t have to engage in name calling if you really want to make positive changes in your life – or this world – in some way. There is yet to be a conversation that has lead to a compromise and understanding of a different point of view that started out with a “gotcha insult.”As they say, use a little honey to attract people or else you’ll end up with…well, you get the idea.

Before casting blame and being narrow-sighted in your visions of what it takes for the world to be a better place, take a step back and look at ways you can do this in an engaging and happy/healthy manner. It’s easy to cast that blame to someone or something else for what’s wrong, because to you, you’re doing the right thing by simply believing. Believing is important, but it means little without positive intentions and solutions-oriented actions to back it up. Start by taking charge of your actions and from there, it will spread.