If you are what the society terms as “old to find true love,” then this is for you. You don’t have to die single and lonely just because of what the world thinks. It is said that many people get depressed and stressed because they want to experience love again, yet they are holding back because of what people will say. Angela, a fifty-three-year-old lady, is a church member and also my friend. Her husband passed away ten years ago, and I have been counseling her ever since. She has the urge to feel loved again and express her emotions to someone, yet she is afraid of what the church will think of her and her family. 

 She had almost given up on ever finding a good man to marry and, most importantly, accept her three kids. She is also afraid that the kids will accept another man to be their father, considering that the eldest son is a twenty-four-year-old soldier at the American navy. 

 If you are like Angela, then worry less as I have some juicy tips that can help you find another man that will treat you like a queen despite your age and feel alive once again. 

 1. Get out of the house

 2. Accept yourself

 3. Online dating

 4. Take care of yourself

 5. Be optimistic

 Get out of the house.

 No man will come knocking at your house looking for love unless it’s the pizza delivery guy. You need to stretch yourself a bit higher and get out of your comfort zone. It would help if you went to places where you will meet and interact with many people. This does not have to be in clubs because I know you do not want to be termed “clubbing granny.” You may join a gardening club, but let that be the extent of it. You can decide to have a lunch date with your friends at the famous restaurants or participate in events that you are confident that many people of your age will be there. Do not limit yourself. Go out, have fun, and look for a man.

 Accept yourself

 You are not a twenty-year-old youth still looking for love. You are a grown-up, and age has caught up with you. This means that you should not try and act as a young girl anymore. Do not wear those mini-skirts or clothes that expose your belly just because you are looking for love. Act according to your age and accept yourself and your situation. 

 Online dating

 We have an idea of some of these sites like Tinder, EHarmony, Elite Singles, and OkCupid, to mention a few. This applies to those that are introverted and they are not outgoing. The good news is that we have heard testimonies of couples who found their better-half through dating sites, and they are happily married. The grab that smartphone or computer and create an account in one of these sites. Some are free of which is a good thing. If you choose this as your way of finding a man, there are some things you should put into consideration. Put a profile that will attract people because a profile represents you. Make it juicy and spicy. It is also essential to be the real you to avoid disappointments, so do not put another person’s photo. 

 Be optimistic

 Things will not always go your way. You will even encounter heartbreaks at this age, but you should be optimistic that all will be well, and you will finally get true love again. Please do not listen to the negative people and not let them influence your thoughts or stop you from being happy.

 Do not hide in that cage of loneliness and depression. It would be best to take charge of your life because you only have one life to live. Stand up, dress up, and be lovely you gain. Show up that romantic side of you that you had buried for such a long time. Follow the tips and be sure that love will come knocking to you once again.