Working as a Love Architect over the past 26 years and helping my clients build successful love lives has been incredibly fulfilling work. I’ve noticed that today they are navigating what has become the most treacherous waters I’ve seen when it comes to finding true love, and as a relationship expert and healer it has been an experience unlike any other. With today’s forecast on finding that perfect someone worse than it’s ever been, singles are signing up for the latest apps (which, forgive my bluntness, have become simply a gigantic f**k party, and I don’t mean that just sexually) hoping to find true love, while scrolling through hundreds of singles which is similar to one searching through puppy mill sites for a ‘forever’ puppy. Even worse, many do this while hibernating in their rooms binge-watching the latest hot Netflix series.

What’s changed you ask? What should one be doing differently? First, it’s time to get back to ‘you’ (your values), it’s time to get back to the basics. It’s time to learn and realize the best way to meet your perfect someone in this overcrowded technological world of singles. It’s time to get out of your home, off of social media just for a moment and engage in life! Yes, that thing that’s out there when you look up and around, that’s filled with vibrant colors, that is ‘real’, including the humans in it! I know you’re busy working and even possibly taking care of your kids, parents, pets, etc. but if you do something as simple and beautifully self-loving as making the time to do the things that YOU love, that are attached to your true and often times forgotten values, I promise you will come into contact with other like-minded singles, especially the one that could very much be your perfect someone! For example, if you love animals volunteer once a month at your local shelter, join a hiking club if you love the outdoors, etc. I also recommend taking your spiritual temperature, it’s actually where you begin and end and it’s even better when shared with someone you love. Even if you’re not ‘religious,’ I’ve noticed that the couples that pray together stay together. Maybe it’s time to start going to your local church, synagogue, mosque, etc. It’s also important to tell your friends, the ones who ‘really’ know you, that you are ready to find the one and you’d like their help! If you put that out there, I promise you will be kept in mind and will be introduced to their favorite single friends. So, as a woman who has been happily married for over 22 years, in a thriving relationship with myself and husband, who has introduced thousands to successful and happy relationships, who has healed even the most broken marriages, take my advice… go find you, love you (for real), listen to that beautiful inner voice when it’s speaking to you, look up and away from your device for a moment and get in engaged in this beautiful world you live in, because THAT is where you will find love and your perfect person.