The past year for me has been one defined by a major career (and life) change: I left the security of my full-time 25+ year career to start my own business (or I should say, ‘businesses’, but more on that later).

Throughout that time, I’ve found that a major key to helping me make these big decisions and define my new purpose has been the community I’ve found at HudCo, the coworking club I joined. Their mission of balancing work, life, and well-being perfectly captures what has driven me to this new stage of life.

The community I’ve found at HudCo has lifted me up in so many ways. Here are a few ways that have been most important to me as I’ve re-shaped my life and work purpose:

Welcome Committee
I’d made a big move from Brooklyn to this small Westchester/Rivertowns village not long before HudCo opened. The community at HudCo made me feel welcome and a true part of things from Day 1. Fastest, easiest way to make new friends! It’s now my social network as well as business network. 

Solopreneur Support System
This community was critical to me making the decision to say goodbye to my long branding career and start my Work/Life coaching business. It gave me a sounding board. It gave me colleagues with sympathetic, supportive ears to remind me that there will be ups and downs in the rollercoaster ride of having my own business, and proof that it will get better. 

Business Opportunity 
Not only have I found new clients in this community, but I also found the inspiration and new business partner to build a second business. A conversation about our shared work backgrounds led us to uncover that we both had a similar passion for a completely different type of work. And so, GoLoveNY was born!

Self-Care Access
The fact that I can take a free yoga class led by a fellow community member, or have access to an acupuncturist or physical therapist on-site, or a healthy lunchtime cooking class allows me to stay on track with my wellness needs while I’m working. This integration is a key aspect of my newly-defined values and purpose. 

Endless Inspiration
Every day that I spend working here offers me new opportunities to be inspired by the community of people around me. This includes my sister-in-law (who is, full disclosure, a HudCo founder), who inspired me with the incredible space she created. Being around so many people finding and living in their purpose, in so many different types of business is enlightening and refreshing. I’m constantly exposed to new ways of working and living.

I am so grateful for this community. I know I’m more able to live in my purpose on a daily basis specifically because of my HudCo community.