I’m not going to lie, the past couple of months have had their fair share of chaos. With everything from the stay-at-home order, e-learning, chasing the ever-elusive grocery delivery window, working from home, and the constant snack requests from my adorable but very hungry kids, there hasn’t been a real sense of normalcy for anyone. New routines are being formed, and we are all being forced to adapt.

Here are some things that have helped me find balance and flow with the new routine. 

Meditation­ ­­– I love starting my day with Meditation. I have my special spot which is where I go to ground myself and gain peace and inspiration. When I start my day in this way I feel like I am a better mom, wife, and person. On days when I don’t do this, I tend to feel more irritated and impatient. I have learned that I need to take this time for myself in order to best show up for my family and the world. We need to give ourselves space just to be.

Movement­ — I love the feeling I have after an amazing yoga class, or a fantastic run. It is special time I crave knowing I will feel refreshed and rejuvenated when I am done. Exercise and movement are such wonderful ways to boost our mood. Whether it’s dance, qi gong, yoga, running, biking, walking, they all help boost our energy and leave us feeling more inspired and hopeful.  I’m alternating my workouts right now between at home yoga and outdoor runs with a little qi gong mixed in here and there, and I’m loving it. 

Connecting with Nature – There is nothing quite like the feeling of taking a deep breath of fresh air and looking up at the sky. It brings me such a sense of hope and expansiveness. I treasure my time outside. No matter how stressed I feel, things always seem better after I have spent some time outdoors. Part of my vision for the perfect morning is enjoying my cup of coffee on our porch while I look out at the trees and I hear the birds chirping. There is something magical about being in nature. It is such a wonderful gift that we all should enjoy more often.

Play – Life is all about balance. Play and having fun are so important for having a fulfilled and joyful life. Our minds, spirits, and bodies need fun. I sometimes struggle with allowing myself to let go of my do list to make space for play. What helps me is making play and fun part of my to do list! I have realized that I feel much more fulfilled at the end of the day if I have danced, laughed, and played. I look at my kids and see the freedom they feel and this is definitely something I think we all need more of.

Inspired Work – I love when I feel passionate about my work. When I am doing things that are meaningful to me work feels effortless. This seems to happen when I am using my talents to give back to the world in a positive way and am also pushing a bit out of my comfort zone. Launching my business Live Greatly, creating my podcast, and sharing my writing have all been exciting and new things that have provided great inspiration to my life and career. As a business owner, mom, and wife I have also found that balance is key. When I give quality time to all of the other areas in my life I also feel more on top of my game with work. We all want to feel valued, and when we are doing work that is meaningful and exciting to us, it’s easy to feel fulfilled at the end of the day.

Life is constantly changing and evolving and we are all along for the ride. Having a balance of all these things in my daily life has helped me feel more grounded, vibrant, and hopeful. Adapting, learning, growing…we are all in this together.