As I sit inside the Smithsonian American Art Museum, taken by the rich historical significance of this city and its beauty I am now more certain than ever that this is exactly where I belong;

East Coast has my heart!

The past couple of days have been an eye opening experience and my soul feels fulfilled in every way possible. I was part of a Consulting Internship in Washington D.C. and the work I did, although challenging was very rewarding at the end. It has helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses. I started this year with an aching heart, but found a way to love myself through thick and thin. I haven’t laughed this much in a long time. I haven’t felt alive and capable of my abilities to this intensity. The friendships I’ve made along the way and the stories I will carry from here on will stay with me forever.

It’s my last day in the city and I’m taking my time to reflect upon what I’ve learned in this journey so far. So here is my scattered wisdom that I’ve sewn together throughout the week:

It’s extremely important to know what drives your inner happiness and brings you peace. Whether it’s found through the work that you do or by being in a city that never stops hustling. The environment you’re in and the people you surround yourself with play an important role. These factors impact your mental health.

I’m in the process of healing from heartache, but I feel so uplifted by being surrounded by the right energy from people that feel like sunshine and through all the places that I’ve been fortunate enough to explore. All of this has inspired me to live fully, without regrets of what has already passed. I now understand what nurtures my soul. It’s the freedom to apply my potential and impact so much around me with my contribution to society. It’s finding coffee shops in different corners of the city and sitting in a corner to write whatever poetic thought comes to mind.

The most vital lesson of all:

I learned to accept myself for who I am. I think too deeply, feel in extremes, and have wounds that are still healing. I’m not perfect and I no longer seek perfection. I accept my situations and circumstances. I know that inconveniences are placed by the universe to point you to the other direction. They take you to places you never thought to look for in the first place. Everything falls into place eventually, but don’t wait for the universe to reward you. Seek what is yours, be curious.