Change is not always easy. Redundancy can lead to comfort. It is the opening of ones self to accept the new and adapt constantly as life changes that keeps us present and prevalent. When we take on life -altering challenges, we start to see this from a different perspective. Change is easier to accept when you see how fragile life could be. I learned this after being diagnosed with brain cancer at 39.

As the pandemic altered our lives, change was being initiated. I continually was having business conversations through virtual communication. I adapted to it, saw opportunity to be more efficient, limit future travel, and create a better work/life balance. It made sense, and I would make it mine. The opportunity was career and life changing. It shouldn’t have taken a pandemic to show us ways we could utilize virtual communication to our advantage on a multitude of levels.

Everyday I would hear, “I can’t wait to go back to old ways,” from many clients and business relationships I spoke with. I would repeatedly tell them, there is no going back to old ways! The world is in constant evolution, and the ball is constantly rolling! We can take things from the past and integrate them into the “now,” but there is no going backwards.

Change is constant, it’s the reality of life. Making the change in way I conducted business was inspirational, and drove me to continue to be ultra motivated. I started doing my Keynote Speeches via Zoom and other platforms; I couldn’t deeply connect with the audience, but 2-3 day events became 35 minute virtual talks! I would be doing 10-15 virtual meetings a day with clients and prospects. This was opportunity, and I was all over it.

For all the value and the changes I was making, too much virtual time can beat you up. I needed to find an outlet to maintain control as these were life-changes I was not going to stop or slow down doing. To alleviate the issues that would occur, I looked for something to add to daily life to use as an outlet to avoid stress and anxiety. I started a number of things; meditation, yoga, and long dog walks. All worked, and I incorporated them into daily life. They became part of my life, they were the Yin to the virtual Yang.

As life rolled on, I needed to be open to acceptance of new ideas and strategies to deal with the ever changing realities of life. The pandemic helped me find this with accepting and utilizing yoga, meditation, and walks (always with dogs) to offset the new way to communicate and screen-time hangovers. Change breeds opportunity, or complacency. Accept the new ways, the burgeoning opportunities, and find new concepts and strategies to handle the stress that comes along with it.

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