Has your life failed to turn out the way you wanted it to? Sometimes, in life, we end up in a situation we never thought would be us. And we’re filled with disappointment at the way our life ended up as in the present day.

What do we do when we find ourselves in this case scenario?

When we’re faced with disappointment in life, it’s time to take a step back. Breathe. And realize there are several things we can do to change that disappointment… into the goal of finding a new purpose within our life.

Realize your life is only on PAUSE not STOP

No matter whether you’re 25, 45 or even 60, you’re always able to re-start your life.

Maybe you’re a parent who had kids earlier than expected and want something for you. Maybe you dreamed of being an architect instead of dead-end office work. No matter where you’re at in life, you always have the chance to start over. If you’re older and think it’s too late to go after your dreams – you’re wrong!

Saying you can’t go after your dreams because of age is no different than saying you can’t be happy with yourself. And we can always make the choice to be happy with ourselves. If a person in their 20’s is told they’re young enough to make a life’s change, why can’t you?

To prove my point, there was an 80-year-old man who achieved his goal of gaining his high school diploma. He didn’t let his age stop him from living out his dream!

Realize your life can be changed at any point and you have the right to do something that makes you feel good about it. Your life is only on pause – never stop!

Explore (or re-explore!) your interests

Deciding to find a new purpose in your life means exploring, or perhaps re-exploring, your interests. Think over your life; what gets you excited and inspired, what is supposed to feel like work, but just doesn’t? Find that hobby that you’re always doing and think about how you can take it to the next level.

Here are a few tips that can help you.

What are you always posting on Instagram or Facebook? What videos are you always watching? Is there something you’re always Googling and wanting to learn more about? What do your friends or family say you’re always chatting up a storm about? What do they consider you to be the Go-To expert about?

We all have core interests that make us who we are. We’re all unintended experts on something – whether we know it or not!

Keep in mind that the things you’re always talking, tweeting, or sharing online are the key to finding your life’s new focal point. Find that field you’re a true Boss of and go all in on finding what you can do with it.

Try volunteer work and experience something new!

You can try doing volunteer work as a starting point of making you feel good.

We all know that happiness is generally linked to putting “me” first. But, isn’t it time that we changed that? There’s a reason why the saying “there’s more happiness in giving than receiving” exists! Being a “giver” and helping others give us a sense of purpose.

Remember, there is always someone who needs help more than we do.

Wouldn’t it make you feel good knowing you helped someone who really needed you? Whether it’s helping an elderly person with groceries, your local animal shelter, or going to your town’s soup kitchen, doing something helpful for someone in greater need can give your life new meaning.

Why not see what you gain from it? Even if it doesn’t work out, you’ll learn something new!

Redefine success in your life!

One of the core things you can do as you re-explore yourself is redefining what success is. For so long, “success” has meant one thing. Now, you have the chance to redefine what it means to you now!

Whether it’s going back to school (or going for the first time), pursuing an at-home career (we’re living in the digital age after all), or going after that dream you’ve had for years – it’s time to redefine what success is to you now.

It’s never too late to do something to make you happy. We can change the course of our life at any point and improve it. Happiness doesn’t have an expiration date in life or an age limit! It’s never too late to be happy.