Finding Our Way

Many people are stuck in a life they don’t want feeling unhappy, dissatisfied, overwhelmed, and often undervalued. Life can be full of frustrations leaving us can feel trapped by our situation. For example, 62% of young adults are still living at home unable to afford to move out and start living the life they dream of.

But we have to realize that no one is going to save us, we need to accept responsibility for our choices. If we’re passive, we’re simply resigning ourselves to accepting our ‘lot’ in life without understanding that to create a life of our choosing is actually in our own hands.

There are many paths to a better life so there isn’t really a good reason to not strive for something better. If we try to focus our energy on what we can control, it may be a way to find our motivation.

Sometimes we feel trapped because we don’t see the positive in our situation and if we take some form of practical action, it will help us to believe that we can start to change things for the better. 

Taking the example of our young adults still living at home, this time could be used proactively by trying to prepare financially for moving out:- Try managing your money as if you were already on your own. Address any bad money habits you’ve developed, create a budget to help you plan and track your money, boost your savings – it always pays to have an emergency fund.

Get Up And Go

Motivation is what gets us up in the morning and what drives us to make things happen. It can be both positive and negative – both types can be effective in different circumstances. However, it’s much easier to do something because we want to rather than doing it because we fear the consequences of not doing it.

A good place to start finding direction is by appreciating what we already have. By focusing on what’s going well will make us happier and more productive. To be successful and do more in our lives we need to start to develop good habits. This process can help us to find our motivation and regain a feeling of power.

Big changes can be difficult, so we need to make relatively minor adjustments at first.  It will be easier to help us cope as our life changes direction. If we’re responsible for holding ourselves back through a lack of confidence in our own abilities, then we should take some time to evolve and grow. It’s important to think about our values and the direction we would like our life to go in.

Powerful Thinking

When our attention is in the present moment and our mood a more positive one, we start to feel more optimistic.  Positive thinking can actually improve our overall happiness and it can encourage us to plan ahead. Our beliefs and thoughts shape the way we behave.  

Our thoughts affect our actions and influence our relationships and how we view the world. When we start to master our emotions, we begin to determine our mindset regardless of outside influences. We can’t control everything in life – but we can control how we react.   Anyone and everyone can begin using positive statements to create change and improvements in their life.

Getting our life together means taking more responsibility for where we want to go. We all have the power to be more disciplined, it’s up to us. Taking charge of our life comes through action. We all have specific abilities, talents, and skills and it’s important to recognize and acknowledge our own worth.