finding purpose in your work

Finding our purpose is fundamentally about understanding the impact we make on the lives of others. This insightful discovery leads to greater personal fulfillment and reward.

Do you see who you ultimately serve and how your work affects the world? You may be a cog in a wheel but if your job was not being done, how would that impact the bigger picture?

Feeling Connected to Something Bigger than Yourself

What are your unique talents and how do you use them in service to the greater good? For example: How does your… engineering knowledge, sense of humor, artistic or musical talent, caring nature, listening skills, analytical abilities… have an impact on the lives of others?

Know Your Work Matters

How does your work affect other people or the world in general? Do you believe that what you are doing is worthwhile? Is your contribution meaningful?

You can find purpose in your work by making the correlation of who your job is ultimately serving and how/why it is impacting those lives.

You don’t have to be on the front line or be a first responder to impact the lives of others. You can find meaning in your work by knowing that you are part of something bigger and you are making a difference not just today, but every day.