Living in a world of uncertainty is something the average person deals with on a day to day basis.  Everything from the foods we eat to getting a promotion at work or even meeting the right person in our lives can be stressful.  Despite the amount of uncertainty that we experience, we truly can find success or better to say create the success we are looking for by making simple changes to our lives.

In order to find success in our lives, we must first know where we are.  Often people will ask questions like: “Why am I single?” or “Why did that person get a promotion?” or “Why are my clothes not fitting the way I’d like?”.  In order to travel to someplace in life there are two things that must be known, the destination and the origin. It would be pretty hard to give someone directions as to how to get to someplace in life, if they don’t know where they are starting.

Ironically, this is the exact place where people are at.  They set goals they would love to achieve yet they don’t know how to get there.  It’s all because of not knowing where they are. Thusly, to begin finding success, we must first discover where we are in life in order to know where we must go!

Using the example of not getting a promotion we must begin with asking ourselves, “What is it they are looking for in the person for that particular position?”.  We want to be as specific as possible by understanding the traits, the skillsets, the persona, basically everything that the position requires. By understanding what the outcome is helps us move forward in the process of becoming that person.

Next it is essential that we take an assessment of where we are currently.  We need to know how we measure up to what the desired outcome we seek is. For example, if the position required someone to be able to speak in front of large crowds and you never have done this before, then there is a gap that must be overcome.  

When we have this knowledge, we can then begin to create a success plan based on how to best close the gap of where we are right now to where we must be to achieve a specific goal.  This is essential, as we must know what steps we must take in order to achieve success.

These processes will help with the mechanics of creating success,  However there is one more component that must be discussed to create success.  Belief Systems!

Our beliefs determine what is possible and what is not.  If someone does not believe they are good enough for a position, for a relationship, etc, then it doesn’t matter what actions they take, because the lack of belief will self-sabotage them from reaching their desired goal.

Does this mean that by changing your beliefs you can overcome any obstacle? No.. but it does mean that you can be the best version of yourself.  For example, you can change your belief that you are the best basketball player in the world, but if you have never even seen a basketball it doesn’t mean it will happen.  We want to change our beliefs to create a new identity for ourselves to make what we once thought was impossible, possible.

By changing our identity, we change the actions we take each day to reflect the person we are becoming.  For example, if someone was wanting a promotion at work, would they have an identity of someone who plays games every chance they get, or someone who works on improving themselves?  This is why we must focus on our beliefs to ultimately change who we are, as we must become the person who is capable of achieving the desired outcome we seek in life.

When we combine changing our beliefs in life with creating a roadmap based upon where we are and where we want to go, we can ultimately achieve success in any area of our lives.


  • Byron Ingraham

    Founder & Chief Business Strategist

    Azure Media

    Byron Ingraham is the founder and chief business strategist at Azure Media based out of Dallas Tx.  Byron’s focus is creating innovative strategies to help businesses reach their ideal customers online and offline while maximizing their revenue potential.  Byron is an Air Force Veteran who spent a decade while serving running & scaling businesses on bases around the world.  He is also the author of The Art Of Conversation, a book on leveraging communication to attract ideal clients utilizing online marketing.  Byron has spent over 10 years helping businesses refine their message and utilize online marketing to consistently attract their ideal clients month after month.  Byron has spoken on multiple stages around the US on the topic of marketing and how to attract your ideal clients with your message.