Life can be full of frustrations but currently far from being just a series of minor irritations are you  like me, experiencing a succession of major disappointments. Many of us are left wanting and our reaction is our emotional response to what is not working in our lives. Being able to handle frustrations allows us to remain positive in difficult circumstances and can be the difference between our success and failure.

Its How You See It

Recognizing our frustration is the first step in overcoming it. We then need to identify the underlying emotion we are experiencing in order to process it. When frustration strikes we can choose to let it overwhelm us or try to transform it into an opportunity.

We are living through a particularly difficult time and it’s unrealistic to think we can rid ourselves of frustration, but we can learn to do things that minimize our unhealthy response to it. If we try to first accept the problem and acknowledge not everything will go the way we want, then we are free to look for another way. We need to keep our focus on our goals, gain perspective and be persistent. Sometimes we have to look at a completely different approach to overcome an obstacle. In this way we become part of the solution and not the problem.

A Positive Mind

When your attention is in the present moment and your mood a more positive one, you start to feel more optimistic. The key to leading a happier life is to be content with what you have and not be envious of others. Positive thinking is an emotional and mental attitude that focuses on the good and cultivating gratitude. Your thoughts affect your actions and influence your relationships and how you view the world. When we start to master our emotions, we begin to determine our mindset regardless of outside influences. We can’t control everything in life – but we can control how we react.

If we give in to negative thinking we begin to stagnate. In order to grow we need to refocus our energy and look for the positive alternative, sharing this outlook will help build and promote contentment within ourselves and those around us. As parents, we need to support the development of positive motivations within our children that will draw them towards productive and healthy paths.

For example, many of our teenagers are keen to be out earning their own money but they are currently struggling and craving independence. The key is to keep them motivated by helping them to see the links between having the money they want and the studying necessary for the career that will produce their desired income. Help them to be thankful for what they already have, for what they have already accomplished and for the progress they are making despite all the current difficulties.

Choose your Thoughts

Positive thinking can actually improve our overall happiness and it can encourage us to plan ahead. Our beliefs and thoughts shape the way we behave.  The conversations we have with ourselves are a direct reflection of our current mindset.  We need to change negative self-talk to empowering inner dialogue.  By framing our thoughts and words differently, it can help us to make better choices. 

It becomes possible to alter not only your outlook in life by making simple mindset changes, but even the actual results we obtain. Anyone and everyone can begin using positive statements to create change and improvements in their life. These are your thoughts, so you can pick them.