The city is bustling, work is demanding, and there never seems to be enough hours in the day. This can lead to a diminishing return on the actual things that have meaning in life. While everyone’s list may differ, there are a few things you can do to prioritize a better balance.

Your relationships, your personal wellbeing, and your mindfulness are all subject to the rigor placed on them by the never ending work week we all face in today’s infinitely plugged in world. It starts with taking your time to plan ahead, prioritizing activities that help you break out work from welfare. Once you have an outline for the week you can schedule time for a walk, the gym, or some meditation.

All of these activities greatly improve your production in the workplace, and there is no substitute for physical & mental health in contributing to your overall balance. Lastly, just shutting your phone off can work wonders. Sure this is easier said than done, but we can all benefit from being a little more diligent in our “balancing” efforts between personal and professional time.


One of the pillars in taking back control of your time and how you spend it, is making time to schedule as much as possible. If you are conscious toward planning efforts for things like exercise, reading, date night, and personal growth your chances of holding yourself accountable are much higher. By scheduling your daily routine you are able to get the most of your day, from start to finish. As you set a schedule start with small milestones that will help you build momentum. Use technology to help remind you and to track progress, and once you start to see achievements real time this will help break old habits and set a cadence for change, once you have a candence you can phase out the reminders (tracking is always a good thing).

Physical & Mental Health

Health is wealth, the common adage is the singularly most important reason to work toward a more holistic balance in your routine. Taking care of yourself physically has a direct impact on your life’s bottom line. Your performance on the job has a direct correlation to your performance during physical activities.

“By getting up every morning at 5:00am, I am simply able to accomplish more in the day, and that starts with challenging myself physically and mentally at the gym” says Giovanti Humphries, a former banking executive, turned startup entrepreneur. “It takes a special person to be an entrepreneur, and one of the biggest benefits I have found contributing to my success has been sticking to my routine and making time for my well being every morning.”

There are so many things you can incorporate into your day right from the office. From resistance bands at your desk, to a walk around the block every few hours, anything you can to get your heart elevated will help immensely.


Taking back your time by scheduling it, and giving back to your body by working out are only the beginning in trying to achieve some sort of balance. Ultimately what is most important in your balancing act, is to unplug.

“Scheduling time when you won’t be distracted, reading emails and aimlessly scrolling will ensure that your mind gets a break and time to recharge.” Says Gareth Rhodes, CEO at digital agency Pixel Management. “Your friends, family, and those closest to you will appreciate your commitment to being present and in the moment. Start using that do not disturb button, it’s a simple, yet often overlooked feature that will help keep away distractions when you don’t want them.” 

As difficult as it may seem, your connections, the like button, and that daily deal will all still be there. The relationships and people we hold dearest may not be however. There is no shame in scheduling out date night, a picnic, or even an evening stroll as long as when you show up you give all of you.

At the end of the day, what each person seeks in their personal and professional balance requires subtle alchemy in which only they know. However, if you want to change the structure of your life, be diligent in scheduling it, embrace healthy wellbeing, unplug once and a while and celebrate the small wins, then sit back and watch as the rest falls into place.