Our thoughts don’t see, they don’t experience our life.

The inexpressible, inner conscious space in all of us brings seeing and experiencing into our lives.

We’re not our thoughts about ourself, we’re the one conscious space in all of us that’s giving rise to thoughts.

We’re the inexpressible cosmic silence we can find inside ourselves.

We’re consciousness in the Universe appearing as human beings.

When we pay attention to this inner conscious space, it dissolves us into itself and brings insight and intuitions emerging from it into our awareness.

Consciously realizing the inner space helps us enter into the stillness and silence of this cosmic presence and bring its clarity and wisdom into our life.

Sometimes though, we can be so busy in the everyday world that we forget the spacious inner dimension of our being.

Choosing to focus our attention inwardly helps us make the shift from separation to wholeness and intuitively realize ourselves as unique human expressions of one unlimited cosmic consciousness, rather than seeing ourselves as separate and alone.

As we reach into the inner silence of this conscious space with our attention, it dissolves us into itself and we realize there’s one conscious awareness in all of us.

We can find the seamless one space in all of us that brings us into a deeper intuitive connection to people we know, the silent inner space that allows us to dissolve the separation thinking that sometimes makes us feel unhappy.

And we can access a stream of intuitive insights that help us live in sync with the synchronistic intelligence that orchestrates the Universe.

If we’re giving too much time and attention to our thoughts, rather than the one conscious space inside all of us that our thoughts emerge from, we can lose touch with something important to our well-being.

The calm, unlimited cosmic space in all of us knows each one of us as an expression of itself and it’s always available to us.

We’re consciousness in the Universe mysteriously transforming itself into the precisely orchestrated biochemistry of our bodies, allowing us to live life as a human being.

The inner awareness space we find inside ourselves is cosmic consciousness itself, the quiet presence of conscious awareness, prior to all thinking.

This single conscious space exists inside all of us and becomes knowable as we allow our thinking to dissolve away.

We’re not our thoughts, we’re the stillness and silence of now, the presence of one conscious space in all of us.


Paul Mulliner is a writer and digital artist

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