I wish that I could say I miss my childhood, but I don’t. At least not for the most part. This feeling is primarily because of the events that unfolded, leading to immature maturity for me. These events would always haunt my present with no remorse – no pardon. These events have neatly wrapped themselves into this rich material that we would refer to as insecurities. 

The past only has as much power as you are willing to give it. Something tells me that just like me, you have been giving your history a lot of control over your future. You are unknowingly allowing it to govern your present, posing a grave danger for who you are soon to become. 

My past took on the guise of insecurity, making me unsure and filled with distrust. I was a bundle of what-ifs. The past is destructive in this form – when it makes you insecure, it makes you doubt everything, and you become on edge about everything. Insecurity has ruined a lot of relationships and is still at it. Insecurity leaves room for a deep sense of sadness, sadness that is so deep even you might not realize that you are feeling it. To be truly happy, you need to find a fix.

Recently, I have learned that there is a way to defeat insecurity that does not necessarily include therapy. This way involves the understanding that your insecurity is an intuitive feeling that is trying to communicate something to you. If you paid more attention to the message rather than the feeling, you would find that your insecurity is informing you that nothing is secure. You, like me, might be feeling insecure because of events that have occurred in your past – insecurity is your mind telling you that you should not be placing your security in that thing. It could be a relationship or a career path, and your entire body is telling you that it is not secure.

Why isn’t it secure? Well, it isn’t secure because it can always get up and get out of your life. Placing your security in anything that can at anytime get up and out of your life, is you subscribing for possible misery. The way to fix that or prevent suffering is to place your security in something secure. By that, I mean, you should put your security in something that would never get up and get out of your life. It seems impossible, but there is that one thing, and that thing would be your happy place. Your talent would never leave you, and you would never leave you – you need to find what that thing is and invest your security in it. 

Never devote your heart, body, and soul to anything that is not sure. It is much easier to be appreciative of things when your security does not solely rest upon it.