How do you get the party started? Where is your most passionate self? You begin with you. 

A year ago I probably would not have written this nor would I have submitted it for publishing. Writing this today is me being true to myself and my thoughts. This is me talking.

There’s a ton of discussion around authenticity, being authentic, yada yada. The more we throw the words around, the more muddled the meaning gets. The concept sounds simple, be yourself, be real and our general feeling or response is, I AM being me.

Possibly this is the case, yet I find even in my ever-growing ongoing journey to stay true, I slip and fall into old patterns and thoughts that are NOT me at all. Who are they? Usually they are a former version of me or one that an outside source keeps insisting I fit into. 

Through several sessions with my own coach and also with my current clients, I’m learning so much more about what it means to be truly real, with ourselves and the world. There is a direct correlation to our alignment and anxiety when we are not acknowledging our true inner voice. This is noticed in the tiniest of inauthentic moments or actions and definitely shines through during major storms.

Learning who we are when we are being authentic to our values, spirituality and desires is sometimes painful, hard and sometime joyous. Creating this space and the courage to stay true takes love, forgiveness of ourself and others, yet delivers great freedom, passion and decreases anxiety. 

My clients are my deepest inspiration, a beautiful slice of life I’ve taken away from working with incredible souls When their energy is ready, they understand their inner world all on their own and receive love like sponges.