I have often been asked the question about how I got on into my career and what steps led me here. People are often shocked when I share my story of one conversation that changed my complete career direction and led me to finding and living what is my purpose. I have learnt in life, being open and present are two of the best states to be in, especially when you are looking for your purpose or questioning what you want to do in life.

My Story

For as long as I can remember I have loved working with, teaching, sharing and engaging with people. However, I did not always want to be in my current field, human resources. As a matter of fact, I never knew much about human resources, until the discussion at one dinner with family friends that completely changed my career trajectory. I now look back at that evening as the conversation that changed the course of my career and life.

Growing up, I wanted to become a Marine Biologist. Growing up on an island, minutes away from the closest beach and having a love for marine life, that was my dream job. With only a few years left before I took off for university, I was doing what I needed to do to ensure I would be accepted at the university and in the program of my choice.

I had a family friend who was a HR professional. After sharing what she did and the scope of her job, department and the impact on the organization, I was fascinated by the ability to effect change and work with people (employees) at all levels of the organization. For me, immediately the passion for people and utilizing my skills to add value and effect change at all levels of the organization aligned. Right then and there, I was convinced this was what I wanted to do with my life. Over the next few weeks I began researching, reading and learning more about the field of human resources and my university major on all my applications changed to human resources.

For me, a dinner conversation set in motion an entire career change and redirection that led me to my purpose and career path – finding more ways to transform and align the human resources function to add value to the organization. I have been in human resources ever since.

Finding Your Purpose

Many of my clients and friends have asked the question of how they go about choosing a career path that will lead them to true work-life balance, happiness, satisfaction at work and ultimately, support their families. Discovery is different for everyone, however, I recommend these three steps to get started:

1. Find what are good at – That may sound easy. However, so many people are not sure what they are good at. You may need to get the help of family, friends and perhaps your colleagues to help you identify those skills that truly make you stand out and shine.

2. Find what you truly love doing – What activities make you jump out of bed, put a smile on your face, or never feel like work once you are doing it? Write them down.

3. Find the intersect – Finding your purpose can take weeks, months, or just a second, where all the right pieces come together at once. The intersect of what you truly love doing and what you are good at, is the beginning of finding a career that you will love and find rewarding. This will also take you one step closer, if it is not the step, to finding your purpose.

Life experiences are designed to teach, enlighten and empower us. We tap into that when we are in tune with who we are and what we love doing to discover what we are on this earth to do. Only you can find your purpose. Only you can chart and stay the path that leads you to career joy or keeps you in career misery. Many times, it is the simple, inconspicuous and unlikely events in life that point, propel and plant us in our purpose. Are you ready? Are you listening? Have you found your purpose?