What does purpose at work mean to you? 

True purpose may not be the easiest thing in business to find, but it can help you discover more joy, clarity and impact in all aspects of your work. 

I know this, because I’m living proof! Last year, I decided to deeply connect who I am with what I do. And, from that place, went on to launch my own business from my hometown of Brisbane, Australia.

It didn’t happen overnight. Far from it. And along the way, I learnt a few things about finding your purpose.

Put simply, I believe when who you are is connected with what you do, the greatest transformation can happen. 

Maybe you’re not feeling connected to your work, and you’re not sure why, but the resolutions are band-aids that don’t last long?

If you’re feeling lost in your career direction or business, I get you! I’ve been there too, and here’s my number one tip:

Start paying attention to the persistent ideas that keep bubbling up. 

You know the ones that keep surfacing and you keep pushing away or ignoring? 

When these ideas come to visit you again, instead of brushing them off or moving onto something else, write them down. 

Because it’s likely these ideas keep visiting you for a reason. And that reason could be connected to your (real) purpose.

You see, before starting Foundher I’d been in the corporate world for 20 years. My career was stable, and relatively predictable… and you know what?

I was happy.  

(A little exhausted, constantly, sure, BUT… nevertheless, happy.)

And I saw no reason to really change, until 2015, when I met and worked with an amazing leader, and the pieces of my purpose-puzzle started to form.

I was inspired by the growing movement of companies who put purpose at the heart of their work.

I was moved by the differences these businesses were making, socially and environmentally.

I could see the conviction of their leadership, and the flow-on to their teams and customers.

These businesses were aiming not to be the best “in” the world, but the best “for” the world. 

Seeing how new business models were creating opportunities over the traditional industrialised models of business and leadership, completely fascinated me.  

So I began experimenting, by applying many of these principles to my corporate work, projects and teams. 

I began truly observing myself and others, getting curious around long-held limiting beliefs, and allowing new ones to surface.

In particular, human behavior and the power of choice fascinated me. 

I was observing how some colleagues seemed to thrive amidst change, finding more energy, possibility and motivation by navigating constant unknowns; whilst others wanted to ‘get off the ride’ and make their way back to safer ground. 

This experience led me on a path of further curiosity, and so I completed my executive post-graduate in leadership and coaching. 

As I worked towards an international coaching qualification, I began to see a strong pattern emerging.

I was meeting and working with founders and business owners who had brilliant ideas.

But many needed help getting clear on their planning, mindset, strategy and – most of all – their purpose. 

Purpose was coming up as THE thing that kept people going; when their teams were exhausted, or money was tight, when feedback was harsh, when they got scared – the list went on.

But knowing (unwaveringly) THE thing that made it all worth it?

That’s what kept them resilient.

That’s what allowed the passion to shine through.

That’s what anchored them and gave them clarity on how to lead the next steps. 

Put simply, purpose was the fuel. Purpose was the joy. Purpose was the safe harbour and the unexplored seas, all in one. 

These mini-recognitions were pieces in a puzzle. Then, slowly, the clear picture began to form. And that’s when it happened.

I found my why. I knew what my purpose was, and best of all I found it myself. And so, my coaching and leadership development business, Foundher.co, was born.  

Today, it’s my honour to help other business owners and leaders connect to their real purpose, and lead with more intention.  

It wasn’t always easy leaving a stable career to do this. But it felt right. And with that conviction, things took shape. 

Today, my business has grown and I am inspired by the people I help. People who are launching, maturing their business, or stepping into the transformational role of CEO.  

All have one thing in common: they want to feel more connected to what they do.

So my number one tip?

When what you do is connected to your why, extraordinary things unfold. 

They shouldn’t be disconnected. When they’re fused together, that’s when you’ll create the greatest impact.

Be brave enough to find yourself.  Listen to your inner voice. 

Know that businesses can thrive when they’re an extension of you and your values.

Tune in to what feels right, because from there, your direction, planning and strategy can become crystal clear. 

And from there? You’ll think and act with more intention, feel more joyful and go forward with confidence in knowing what matters most:

Why you’re doing it.