Did you know that millennials are the driving force behind divorce rates plummeting over 18% in recent years?

Whether it’s learning from older generations’ mistakes, or becoming more independent, waiting to get married can save you a lot of heartbreak, time, and money.

If you are one of the many young people living life to the fullest, how can you even find time to date?

Finding Your Soulmate Means Finding Yourself

If you want to find love, you’ll never meet them until you love who you are.

As tempting as it may be to blame past failed relationships on the other party, it’s helpful to analyze your own behaviors that might be toxic.

Do you have a short fuse? Do you always break promises? When you put out negative energy into the world, you’ll only attract other negative people.

When you’ve grown into the best version of yourself, you’ll attract your perfect match. Although we never stop growing, healthy people reach a point where they can be at peace with who they are in the present.

Learning how to love yourself also means that you learn your worth. You’ll never get sucked into draining relationships because you’re worried no one else could love you better.

Have an Honest Conversation with Yourself About Soulmates

Everyone has a vague idea of what a soulmate should be. Do you know which traits, beliefs, and mindsets are most attractive to you? What are your deal breakers?

When you outline clear qualities you need in a soulmate, you can avoid unnecessary heartbreak. Don’t enter relationships with the hopes of changing someone.

Many qualities are identifiable within the first few dates if you know what you’re looking for. If the chemistry is off, or you know you don’t share important beliefs, there’s no use in wasting your time by continuing the relationship.

Communication is Key

Communicating honestly makes everyone feel vulnerable, especially if the relationship is new. However, setting a solid foundation will help you stay stable as the relationship progresses.

Expressing your own life goals can be illuminating on the first few dates. If you realize that your date has a lot in common with you, then you can walk the same path together as a team.

Ask your date what qualities are in their dream woman. If there are any signs that the two of you stand no chance, then it’s better to learn early on before you develop feelings.

Learn to Unpack Your Baggage

Whether you want to admit it or not, every relationship in your life has left you with baggage. Although ex’s hold the most power over your psyche, family and friends also have the ability to negatively impact you.

Have you developed toxic behaviors or thoughts from anyone else’s influence? If you used to get into shouting matches with an ex, it’s easy to fall into the same routine again and again. These kinds of behaviors can end relationships fast or get you stuck in an abusive relationship.

Unpacking your baggage stirs up lots of painful memories, but it heals you. As hard as it may be, try your best to wipe the slate clean each time you enter a new relationship.

Live in the Moment

When you’re with your soulmate, you shouldn’t worry so much about the future. You should feel safe in their presence.

Nothing is perfect, so it’s normal to have fleeting worries or doubts about your future. However, you should have the confidence that no matter what life throws at you, you and your partner can survive it all.

If you’re too busy worrying about what’s going to happen, you’ll never be able to enjoy the precious time you have with your partner.

When you focus on them, you’ll be able to detect red flags, avoid fights, and help each other grow.

Date People Who are on Your Wavelength

One of the lesser-known soulmate signs is sharing the same vibes for everything in life.

An important detail you may not notice early on is your sexual compatibility. Do you have the same drive, interests, and open-mindedness?

It’s easy to ignore the significance of sex if everything else is happy in the relationship. However, once you get married, it can drive a big wedge between you.

Being on the same wavelength is important for every aspect of life and love. Soulmates are supposed to fit together like puzzle pieces. If you can’t work as a team, you won’t be able to be happy together.

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  • Giordana Toccaceli

    International Dating, Relationship and Intimacy Expert

    Giordana Toccaceli is an International Dating, Relationship and Intimacy Expert having worked with thousands of women and men around the world to become their most attractive and magnetic selves and attract incredible partners into their lives in record time. Giordana has worked with a wide range of clients from Top CEOs, successful entrepreneurs, professional athletes, actors, models and every day men and women. She is a regular contributor to Univision TV's morning show "Despierta Austin" and the Founder of Woman's Allure and the Co-Founder of Embody Love Project.