Everyone talks about love beyond the physical and superficial plane, but they base their relationships, without knowing it, on this point of view, even if they want the opposite. That is why many times such relationships do not work and we end up more hurt than we would like. The key is at the beginning of the relationship, but especially in the type of flirting, we do with our crush.

The truth is that for years we base relationships on gender roles and invalid stereotypes in this new era, so we must change the way we start a new relationship. But this time, we must rely on the attraction of the soul, to how to find a soulmate who is truly compatible with us.

What is a soulmate?

If we start from the basis that we are energy, soulmates are those that resonate with ours generating energy frequencies. In more technical terms, when we are close to a soulmate we feel at the right wavelength.

Finding a soulmate is not easy, in fact, it may be close to you but do not notice it for being too worried about you. Here are some tips to start working on the search for your soulmate.

1. Be true to yourself

In order to connect with your soulmate, you need to be in harmony with yourself. The indicated person will appear at the moment that you are truly and have been able to leave behind those fears that seized you for a long time.

To achieve this you must listen to your heart, echo what your intuition says and start doing everything you always dreamed of. It applies to your way of dressing, of understanding the world and of relating to others. Find your uniqueness and she will take you to the right person.

2. Honesty above all

Not only do you need to be true to yourself, but you must also apply it to your soulmate. These types of relationships are based on truly deep feelings and soul desires. Therefore, it is crucial to be honest with the person you want, so that neither of them gets hurt or gets a sad surprise.

As long as you connect with that special soul, don’t just say anything; don’t hide your desires that will make your relationship sincere and matchless.

3. Listen to the silence

You do not need to make a fuss so that your soulmate knows that you came to his life, they will probably recognize each other intuitively and approach in the same way. In this type of relationship, body language is very important.

Pay attention to the details, the way you look or the type of connection you feel you have with him effectively. When you are with your soulmate you will know, a part of you will have that feeling of understanding each other far beyond what words can say. It is as if both created a parallel world in which only you 2 coexist.

4. Trust the process

All human relationships are based on love, this is the purest and most sincere feeling our race can know. Understand that everything life has for you is wonderful because it is driven by love, so trust destiny and everything he has prepared for you.

Trust who you are and the universe, in this way the balance in your life will come and with it happiness. Regardless of whether or not you know your soulmate, remember that the most important relationship is with yourself.


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