Every Social Media Platform allows you to hone into something that youโ€™re excited about. Kind of like a big diary you don’t mind the whole world taking a peek in.

Twitter is for a snippet of your brain  (like jokes or some behind the scenes on a project, Tumblr is for Fans, Flickr is for Photographer Portfolios, Instagram is about snapshots of your life.

(I’m still trying to find the link to Ryan’s interview that included his thoughts about Twitter and how he uses it! I guess it matters little when you look through his feed right? I think this tweet proves that his platform is Twitter)

Whenever I get to the point in which I review my content to make sure I am still recognisable looking through my feed (as it sometimes gets unstructured and reflects the different ‘rabbit holes’ I get lost in rather than direction I wish to head towards), I give my mini-bio a read and compare them to the past 20 posts I’ve made. Then I ask the question: what are these posts saying about me? Am I okay with this? How does each post connect to my mini-bio?

I know. I hear you.

I’m not saying that you your feed should rigidly reflect what’s in your bio. It’s more than okay to infuse your actual self into your posts. Otherwise your feed would just read like a…ummm….like it’s not actually yours. Like you have someone else do your posts for you. Or worse: you’re using one of those syndication apps that pushes your post from one platform to all the platforms you’re on.

The winning formula for each post is: you + your work.

For inspiration, I’ve highlighted a couple of Instagram feeds that I’ve found engaging during the last year:

1.) Simon Sinek: inspiration

Simon is still on message in connection to his Ted Talk. His feed easily tells me who he is: fanboy, foodie, and traveler.

2.) Brene Brown: quotes

I was about to write ‘inspiration’ on this one. Then looking through Brene’s feed…I noticed the quotes…and quotes. Which I like.

(I’m always looking for quotes to share — I just have to make sure that the source is clear. In Brene’s posts…she notes where the images come from…if they are not directly from her.)

3.) Zoey Deutch: mundane things

The mere premise of it doesn’t sound exciting. How Zoey executes it makes her voice unique. Just like ‘Lars and the Read Girl’, the telling of the story could have gone so wrong…but it didn’t.

4.) Patti Murin: relationships

By relationships I mean: her relationship with Colin, Milo & Petey, and Wine. One interesting thing happened to her feed about a year ago (21 January 2017) when she started posting daily reminder notes.

Okay. I know I’m not on Instagram yet — the good news is…I will be soon. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve found out that I can sign up via email now! So…stay tuned! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Which social media feeds do you find engaging? Let me know on Twitter.

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