After all the preparations and the difficult tasks of researching about the school, what’s left for you to do is to create a personal statement that’s tailor-fit to you chosen school. Check if your personal statement adheres to the schools standards and academic principles. Do not allow all your efforts and preparations TO be futile in the end. That is why when you start writing your essay, make sure you begin with the end in mind. With that, you’ll be more focused on the real objectives of the writing task.
The admission essay as an important part of the application process
The college admission essay is a crucial part of the school application. It is considered to be the face of your application because it serves as a way for you to market yourself to the admissions panel. This a way for the admissions panel to know you better. As such, don’t merely summarize your academic achievements in the essay. The admissions panel would like to more about your points of view and character traits through your experience and the way you communicate through writing.
Tips in writing a winning essay
Pour out all your ideas and thoughts into one sheet of paper, create an outline, and make a draft. This will help you organize your thoughts well and focus on the main topic. Your goal is to give readers an easier time reading and understanding your essay. So you won’t bore your readers, establish a connection right from the start. Start with attention-grabbing intros. Write in a very relaxed tone, but don’t be lazy or sloppy with your writing. Focus on your application, instead of turning your essay into an autobiography.
Other things to keep in mind (essay deadline, word count or page limit, format, etc.)
Minor details that should not be forgotten include the deadline, word count, page limit, and format. Remember to follow the instructions carefully. With hundreds of grad school essays to read, the admissions panel won’t bother going over an essay that failed to meet the basic requirements.