Co-owner of Transform Fitness Frank D’Agostino is a Yonkers New York FireFighter and a fitness nutrition specialist who’s helped to change lives and empower countless individuals by helping them reach their health goals. 

In this article, Frank shares some tips he applies each day to maintain a healthy lifestyle and dominate his field.

Beat The Stress

Stress is something we all face — stress surfaces when we go through a hectic day at work or lack proper rest. 

Luckily, we’ve all found ways to cope with this, some of us better than others. Frank’s fix to a highly stressful day is simple; when he feels the stress may be getting the best of him he takes a step back from whatever he is doing at the moment and tries to put things into perspective.

He imagines how much worse things could be and asks himself if his situation is something to really be worried about and if there is a better approach, “How can I recalibrate” he thinks. 

Once he is done putting things into perspective, he recalls all the things he is grateful for.

For example, his family, friends, team and achievements they have had together. This stress-relieving activity helps him stay focused and grounded during times of stress.

Healthy Habits

Still on the topic of stress, did you know that a good workout can help relieve stress? Yes! It’s been scientifically proven.  

Frank’s daily routines start with some a 5 minute meditation, followed by a few pages of a book he is reading at the time. After that he begins a body weight HIIT circuit or some quick cardio right from home. It grounds his day and gives him a sense of balance and organization. 

Frank shares, I highly recommend you do this;  start your day with something for you and not for anyone else. Owning my morning has been one of the most pivotal changes I have made to my life. Remember, to be the best person for everyone, you have to be the best version of yourself.”

Quiet Time and Family

Franks loves his quiet time; he often spends time alone to recalibrate his focus. During this time, he reads, takes down notes, and tunes into his favorite podcasts. 

His preferred spot is a quiet, empty room; he does this to cancel all the extra noise and chatter that happens around him on a day to day basis.  Frank suggests you do this activity regularly as it can help you find solace when everything’s not right. 

Apart from spending time alone, he also pulls from the opposite end. When something doesn’t go as planned or he needs “shift”, Frank surrounds himself with family members and close friends, people he can talk to and trust. 

“Surround yourself with good people. Remember, If your circle isn’t inspiring you or being honest with you, it’s not a circle; it’s a cage.”- Frank.