Words from Bay Boy Nicky Scorpio – “We all have dreams, dreams you are pursuing, we gonna lift each other up, give love, give love, for the people who feel that they’ve fell behind… The sun is gonna shine. Remind yourself that you’re so good, tell the others, that they are so good, so good. ”


Artist Singer-Songwriter Nicky Scorpio woke up during quarantine, May 8th, 2020 made a beat during the day & by night free styled lyrics to One More Time and dedicates this new song to the #FirstRespondersFirst Campaign

Nicky Scorpio was channeling kinds words of wisdom during this Full Flower Moon in Scorpio for the #FirstRespondersFirst and all humans of the planet. Nicky Scorpio shines & says words of inspiration like

“Everyday, we are grateful, the sun will shine, CHAOS , LIFE, RISE UP, ONE MORE TIME, CUZ WE KNOW , ON THE GRIND, NOT GONNA FALL BEHIND”.

We are indeed in unique trying times, I think these words of hope will bring full love, joy and kindness to our hearts and make us smile.

Watch the impromptu video and listen to the words Nicky Scorpio created on the spot! Super talented, humble, gracious and a gift from the heavens. Thank you Nicky!

Scorpio goes onto say the planet and people are hurting but we are working together and we are gonna shine together. We are so grateful and gotta remember to stay grateful, positive and colorful… so sing along, one more time & donate by texting FIRST to 50555 

 Thrive Global with the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the CAA Foundation, recently launched a #FirstRespondersFirst campaign to support healthcare workers on the frontlines of fighting coronavirus, which includes a fundraising call to action to provide essential supplies and equipment for healthcare workers as well as access to actionable Microsteps, online workshops, virtual training and coaching that support and sustain the first responders. 


Want to help the healthcare first responders on the frontlines of fighting COVID-19? 

Please donate by texting FIRST to 50555 or visit Thrive Global

Will you help by please passing this message on? – We will get through this together as a Nation.

Health & Gratitude,

Kyriaki Chonacas

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