The country is fighting a battle the likes of which we’ve never experienced before. We’re all making sacrifices to fight the spread of COVID-19 while finding ways to stay connected and to responsibly live our lives under current circumstances. But the true heroes are those on the front lines who are courageously caring for our communities, often without the protective equipment designed to keep them safe. 

Modelo has a tradition of honoring people’s fighting spirit, and right now no group is more deserving of support than the healthcare workers who are tirelessly combatting COVID-19. That’s why Modelo is humbled to team up with #FirstRespondersFirst. Our support of #FirstRespondersFirst includes: 

  • An initial commitment of $500,000 in early April to provide essential supplies and equipment to protect those on the front lines.
  • An additional donation up to $500,000 as part of Modelo’s #CincUp social fundraiser. This Cinco de Mayo, Modelo is encouraging people 21+ to celebrate from home while saluting and supporting first responders. For every public post on May 5 with #CincUp, Modelo will donate $1 to #FirstRespondersFirst. 

We’re also redirecting marketing resources to help raise awareness of #FirstRespondersFirst and thank frontline workers via a national T.V. advertising campaign that began airing in April. Through our Fighting Spirit campaign efforts, we proudly tell the stories of selfless men and women — from first responders to everyday Americans — who fight for others. Now, through our partnership with #FirstRespondersFirst, we’re eager to extend our admiration to the healthcare community.

To the brave first responders combating the pandemic, we cannot thank you enough. We’re also grateful to #FirstRespondersFirst and those behind this initiative, including Thrive Global, CAA Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. During these trying times, remember, we all share the fighting spirit — and Modelo raises a beer to you.

Click here for information about how Thrive Global is supporting our healthcare workers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, and find out how you can support the cause by donating to #FirstRespondersFirst.


  • Greg Gallagher

    Vice President, Brand Marketing, Modelo

    Greg Gallagher is the Vice President of Modelo Brand Marketing.