Photo Credit: Paige Hathaway | Revolving Mind Media

“For a few years now, I’ve really wanted it, but I didn’t know how I would intertwine those two worlds together. While this happened out of the blue, I’m so excited and couldn’t have happened at a better time.” 

At 31-years-old, American fitness personality, Paige Hathaway, has maintained the healthiest of lifestyles. Fitness has been her world, her life, her inspiration.

But what happens when “life” literally inserts itself into that world? Hathaway’s world of fitness is opening its doors to her newly announced pregnancy.

When I first spoke with her, she and her fiancé had no idea what the gender would be. However, that weekend was their gender reveal, announcing to the world what would soon be the birth of their baby girl.

I’ve always wanted kids,” she told me, admitting she has put her career first for quite some time.

#1–Stay Active

Photo Credit: Paige Hathaway | Revolving Mind Media

For Hathaway, training your mind and body to stay active, in any way it can, is the best way to approach pregnancy.

You’re going to be exhausted and tired, but if you can just make it to the gym and do some activity, it’s better than nothing,” she emphasized.

“Not only is it better for your own body and baby, but it’s better for the birth. I’ve read so much material about how being active during pregnancy can help a woman have an easier birth, let alone a healthier baby. It will help you bounce back immediately following the birth.”

The soon-to-be-mom added that even just signing up for a fitness class, helping to get you active for 45 minutes to an hour, or going to the gym just to walk on the treadmill, is enough.

Try and be active for 3-5 days a week, if possible.”

#2–Eat Healthy

The second tip Hathaway shared with me revolves around maintaining a healthy diet, as best as possible.  

With foods, try your best to eat healthy,” she told me.

I know the cravings can come, and you want those savory sweet foods. Don’t tell yourself no, because you can have a little bit. But eat something healthy after. If I crave something unhealthy, I look to fruit rather than sugary foods. Now, I’m eating a little more fruit than what I’m used to.. But, at least it’s better than eating a bunch of candy.”

#3–Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

Photo Credit: Paige Hathway | Revolving Mind Media

Entering her second trimester, Hathaway has focused her efforts on finding what makes her feel better at the end of the day.

Now that I’m in my second trimester, having a glass of wine at night, helps. I have one glass of wine, three days a week. My doctor said I can have one glass each night, if I wanted to.”

But for the fitness guru, one of her sticklers is reducing her caffeine intake.

You’re only supposed to have 200mg of caffeine while you’re pregnant,” she pointed out.

This equates to two regular cups of coffee. I was a big caffeine drinker before, which included energy drinks, tea, coffee, and pre-workout products. Cutting my intake down to 200mg has been a challenge for me but recommended.”

#4–Remember to Take Care of Your Body

At the end of the day, it’s all about taking care of your body.

Pregnancy is already uncomfortable as is, so why add to it?

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Remember to take care of your body as much as you can,” Hathaway suggested.

“I get prenatal massages often, because your body hurts. It’s about taking care of your body during this time, remaining as healthy as you can, and following some dietary guidelines. It’s such a cool, fun thing that us females can do—carrying a child, but when it comes to ensuring a healthy process, there are guidelines you have to follow. There’s no doubt it’s hard to eat healthy and get to the gym, but you feel so much better when you do it.”

Hathaway told me that she and her boyfriend are in the process of moving back to Texas, bringing on a new doctor, as well as looking to support groups as they enter the second trimester.