With the arrival of a new year, there is always tension. That moment in which most people sit and talk to themselves about what to do and what not to do. ‘I will get a better job”, someone may say. Or, ‘This year I will get in shape.’ Come on; you know what I am talking about! Should I say it? RESOLUTIONS. And I know that this year is almost over, but people make resolutions all the time.

A resolution is a “firm decision to do or not to do something.” Now generally, most people set too many resolutions, or resolutions that are super hard, and sometimes impossible to obtain. Like losing 30 lbs in a week. Too much to do or accomplish in short periods of time. Most often their goals are not S.M.A.R.T. (Sustainable, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-Oriented but with realistic expectations). And there my friends is where the problem is, with resolutions.

In my years of experience as a physical educator and fitness professional, I’ve been approached by people who all of a sudden want to lose weight overnight. They want to get stronger and very athletic in 3 months when they have never moved a finger in their life and look like that model they just saw in a magazine. People who have many physical issues and injuries but instead of fixing that, they want to look great no matter the consequences, or my personal favorite…. “I want to look like when I was 15 years old”. You may laugh, but it is the truth, I have been told that many times.

I know the pressure is there. Movies, magazines, peer pressure, a party, a wedding, a vacation, among many others, however, to rush things is not the healthiest solution. SOLUTION being the keyword.

Many years ago I decided that resolutions will never, ever, hunt me down anymore. Instead, I will have solutions, as in not re-doing anything. I decided to get healthy for the rest of my life, and not for just a season, occasion, or event. And how did I do that? Well, here are some of the steps:

  1. I stopped thinking that being healthy means being skinny, or that having a six pack and a big chest is a sign of strength. I focused being able to sleep better, move better, feel better, be more energized, being able to carry my daughter in my arms without hurting my back. I stopped thinking about weight and started focusing on keeping my body fat% on the healthy ranges (but not letting that number define me). I began to look at the world as my gym instead of the gym as the only thing in the world, and thanks to that I can exercise anywhere without having limitations. Believe me, looking good will come anyways.

  2. I decided that, while I will eat whole and healthy meals, I will also enjoy my life. After all, why would you say no to ‘the cake’ in a wedding. Maybe just don’t eat it all.

  3. I eliminated (from within) the ideas, the thoughts, and the feelings that changes have to be instantaneous. That to be healthy I needed instant gratification. That goals have to be achieved in “6 months or less”, as they promote out there, and that I have to put a specific date to reach a goal. As soon as I did that, I began to realize that it was easier for me to adjust and adapt.

  4. This one may shock you, but it needs to be said. Rice, Pasta, Bread,
    Alcohol (including wine), and Desserts are not the problem, they never were. Yes, refined carbs and excessive processed sugars are related to many health issues, but correlation does not mean causation. The overuse of such things is the problem. You can learn to cook your desserts, so you have better control of what goes in. Moderation is key. Oh, but I do not count calories… at all. (Later, I will show you a simple trick).

  5. I decided to take baby steps in the matter. Again, to rush things is not a solution. I decided to set goals but not to create illusions in my mind. After all, life happens, so if I didn’t get to lose a pound, that didn’t mean the end of the world. If for instance, I overeat one day, I was not going to get depressed and torture myself the next day by over-exercising or starving; I would continue with my baby steps plan… One day at a time. Goals do help, you cannot write them in stone in stone, and they are not the end of the line, in fact, the end of the line does not exist. The hunt for your health is a constant adventure and an uphill challenge. It doesn’t become easier; you get stronger and more capable, which leads to more success.

  6. I started learning about myself (my mental as well as physical limitations). That way I was able to create an exercise program that fits me, instead of trying to do whatever crazy exercises there is on social media, or in a magazine. The same thing goes with nutrition. That is the way I work with my clients too.

  7. About that nutrition. Things like restrictive calorie diets, detoxing, pills, shakes, low fat-low sugar-and low everything products, and magic powders are toxic to you, and I have done them all. Think about it, besides all of your issues, and we all have them (responsibilities, work, etc.), do you need to add more stress by counting calories, and grams? After that, drink 3 gallons of water a day, match your carbs with your proteins and fats while at the same time make sure to do it before-during-after working out? Then make sure that you took 100ml of this combined with 500ml of that, plus remember to get the shakes and still be hungry and have no energy? These things are toxic, very toxic to you, physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, and psychologically. Instead, integrate more natural and fresh produce into your meals. Do it slowly, and start with things (i.e., fruits and vegetables) that you are already familiar with and that you like. And never make any changes that you will not be able to maintain for the rest of your life.

I urge you to start implementing these simple steps (solutions) in your life, and I guarantee you will see a difference. It will not be easy, and it may not even be from one day to another, but they work, and most importantly, you can sustain them.

Come on, let’s get F.I.T.

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