Back pain is something that everyone in the world has suffered, no matter in past or present, or at an early age or old– everyone has faced it, if not always then at least once in a lifetime! Especially, in nowadays, the lifestyle of people have become one surrounded with too many stressors, leading one to depression or anxiety which heightens the chances of certain common aches, which they are bound to happen, no matter if due to too close friendship with the pillow or just over-thinking.

If you are reading this article, then the possibility is, you might have at times or regularly suffer backaches, due to excessive exercising, anxiety or maybe injury.

Following are certainly authentic and proven ways to beat that demon out of your back!

*But remember that, it is always much more assuring and recommendable to consult an expert physician or therapist first, before starting applying your own strategies.*

1. Exercising with moderation

If you are thinking that resting can relief your back pain always, then think again. Excessive rest can instead worsen certain types of back pain, leading sometimes to diminished muscle power. As Wilmarth says, “Simple exercises like walking can be very helpful,” it’s recommendable to do gentle exercises and avoid heavy-lifting and tasks. Do exercise with moderation. This can reduce or completely eliminate many types of back pain. Initiate with lenient stretches to see how much you can push yourself without feeling pain. Try going out for strolling and pick up the pace when you can. But don’t forget that, your doctor can help you guide with the best fitness routine for your pain.

2. Noticed your body-posture?

Do you know a poor posture becomes a habit and part of our daily lives, weighing our spinal cord with strain? You might know it but ignored it every-time. In today’s gadget world, people, especially kids suffer a bad body-posture, concluding their bodies to in limited capabilities and diseases, because, this little-little ignorance add up to bigger health issues over time.

Thus, from now on, while standing or sitting, try to keep your back, neck, and face aligned, straight and upright. While you bend down, keep your posture correct. This can reduce the muscle strain by up to fifty percent!

3. Tried heating and cooling packs method?

Maximum doctors suggest applying an ice pack/bag for first two days, after any sort of back-injury (especially if it’s protruding) and then swapping it with heating pads, after two days. Usually, cold therapy (using an ice pack) is considered better for inflammation and vanishing away the swelled back, while heat (using a hot water bottle or heating pad) is said to be best for decreasing cramping, stress or muscle spasms.

4. Electric Stimulation

Today, TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator machines are also available, which spread low-voltage electrical currents through electrodes, attached to your back. They are battery-powered devices and are very safe. One theory elucidates that, these machines work by sending out the message of pain to the brain, quickly blocking it away. Another theory proposes that these impulses cause a release of endorphins, reversing the awareness of pain.

The effectiveness of TENS isn’t clear still, even after so many experimentations but many back pain sufferers have found it useful and efficient. Nevertheless, it is still recommended to ask your doctor or physical therapist first to know if this therapy is suitable for the kind of a pain backache that you are suffering from.

5. What about some self-done and comfortable therapy?

A non-surgical therapy and often advocated by doctors for patients suffering especially from sciatica and low-back pain is called Inversion Therapy. This therapy isn’t new and draws its roots from ancient history.

Today, an inversion table is used for turning gravity upside down, naturally decompressing the spine and relieving the pain. But, as the use of inversion tables is quite new, it’s wise to caution you about few things, like firstly, there are many types of inversion tables available in the market (both online and offline), all with their own features and use. Although, the best inversion table for back pain relief in the market, still it is recommended to consult any specialist before purchasing any. Moreover, talk to your doctor before you start using an inversion table, because he or she might recommend you against it due to certain medications and health conditions, like Obese, detached retina, glaucoma, blood circulatory problem, hernia, implanted device, pregnancy, spinal injury, osteoporosis, fracture etc.

There are many ways to relieve back pain today and yet again, we would say, it’s always a good choice to visit an expert in the field, especially if you are facing something serious. At last, as an old saying goes like – “Health is wealth”.