This year has felt like a persistent wave of grieving, empathy and the call to do more. In integrative medicine and in Ayurveda, the interconnectivity of our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health is emphasized. These parts of ourselves are not disconnected from one another. As we wrap up 2020, what a year to remind us that we are not disconnected  – on both an individual and societal level. At times, our minds have been exhausted. Our energy has been tested. Our hearts have been opened wide.

As conductors of energy and connected to nature, specific crystals are particular for healing the heart. From mood to inner child healing, these unresolved wounds come into the forefront with the symbolism of each of these crystals and the reflections and affirmations target exploring deeper healing in each of us.

Is there a better time for intentional individual and collective healing?

Rose Quartz

The mother of heart healers. This popular stone is not just about heart-healing in a general sense, but geared towards cultivating greater self-love. It is connected to our sense of personal value and embracing our worthiness of love in all forms. A cornerstone in the heart-healing category.

Reflection: In what ways do I show compassion to myself?

Affirmation: I am open to receiving love in all forms.


A dreamy green crystal geared towards inner child healing. A stone of surrender to what has transpired and in facing the truth of our feelings head-on, propels us to move towards release and forgiveness. Chrysoprase is also an emotional balancer, connecting us to our joy and steering away from depression.

Reflection: What is standing between me and my happiness?

Affirmation: I embrace my worthiness and release that which is holding me back.


Pale pink with a mystical iridescence, this feel-good stone is associated with unconditional love. This stone is great for meditative work and helping us step out of our small scope and into a broader love for all.

Reflection: Where am I placing my faith?

Affirmation: I am protected and lovingly guided by a higher power for greater good.


This stone is found in a range of rosy pink with black manganese oxide woven throughout it. Rhodonite is intended for mending wounds in the heart, releasing grievances and healing barriers to love. For grappling with the concept that forgiveness is not condoning hurtful behavior.  

Reflection: What burden am I needing to release?

Affirmation: It is safe for me to let go.


A rich and vibrant shade of green with unmistakable, unique patterns. An empowering stone not only tied to heart healing, but it is a stone of protection and aids in transformation. Also, it can help boost our drive to move forward towards our vision.

Reflection: Where am I being sluggish in attaining my desire?

Affirmation: I am moving forward towards my heart’s desire.

Through the work of reflecting through our grief, we take a role as a more active participant in our healing process. Letting heart-healing crystals gently assist along the way is a natural gift and subtle reminder of the support that is around us, always.