Here to guide you through your journey is Tricia Harrison, who welcomed her first son Damari into the world two years ago. Having lost her mom when she was 17, becoming a mother herself was a very humbling experience. However, her little boy changed her life forever, and he taught her the true meaning of responsibility, integrity, strength, and love. Over the past couple of years, she learned a few lessons about building a career while caring for a newborn. Here are the five most important ones she wants to share with you.

Lesson #1: Don’t Put Too Much Stress On Yourself.

If (like Tricia) you consider yourself to be a hustler and a go-getter, then don’t feel bad about yourself if you’re not performing at a high level, especially in the first few years. Becoming a mom is a big deal. It’s a beautiful experience, but you need to get used to it. So go easy on yourself and make sure you accomplish three easy tasks every day that move your life forward. That’s it, no need to overcomplicate things.

Lesson #2: Prioritize Quality Time

Whether you’re working or taking care of your family, make sure you spend your time efficiently. One thing she likes to do is organize everything on her calendar in a flexible way that allows her to handle things as they come up while she’s doing the best she can at her current job position.

Lesson #3: Take Care Of Yourself, Both Mentally And Physically

Tricia learned early on in life the importance of being and staying healthy, especially when life gets busy, because the truth is, if you don’t take care of your mind and body, they won’t take care of you when you don’t take care of your mind and body you need them. So make sure you still get some exercise in and elevate yourself spiritually. If you’re a Christian) strengthen your relationship with God, and if not, learn to master your inner strength.

Lesson #4: Believe In Yourself

Being a mom is the most thriving and beautiful adventure a woman can experience, yet it’s one of the hardest. There will be some overlapping between your home and professional life, and there will be moments where you’ll feel overwhelmed. Like you’re not a good mother to your child, or like your career is not going the way you planned it to go. But don’t let those road bumps discourage you or demotivate you. Raising a child is already complex by itself, so building a career simultaneously can be extremely tiring. 

That’s why you should believe in yourself and your capacities. Whenever you feel down, tell yourself: “I can do it. I will do it. I will raise my child with all the love I have while building him a majestuous legacy.” I believe confidence and self-motivation are the keys to success.

Lesson #5: Never give up

You’ll be faced with many situations where you’ll tell yourself: “I can’t do it.” But it’s moments like these that will make you grow. Personally, she was faced with countless discouraging situations, and she can’t express how hard it was. But with the help of her father and friends, she never stopped hustling, and thanks to her beautiful son, she was blessed with the true meaning of responsibility, integrity, strength, and love. So, whenever you face an obstacle, think of it as an opportunity to get better. You might trip, but if you want to arrive at the top, you’ll never fall.

All in all, there’s nothing more fulfilling and empowering than becoming the mother of a child. Sure, it’s a huge change, but give these tips a try, and you’ll be able to navigate this wonderful world while building your career and avoiding burnouts, unnecessary stress, and problems. Remember, if you find yourself facing issues, don’t hesitate and ask your loved ones for help. You don’t have to do this alone.