Five Lifestyle Changes To Increase Your Productivity

How can we do more work without burning ourselves out? Most of us grapple with this question but cannot seem to come up with an answer. What we don’t realize is that productivity isn’t like a switch, which we can turn on/off at our convenience.

Instead, if we want to achieve more in less time, some lifestyle changes could help us make more productive. Provided we implement them in our lives, these minor-looking changes might make us prolific beyond our wildest imaginations.

Here are five lifestyle changes using which you can increase your productivity:

1.  Plan the night before

Before ending your day, reflect what you pulled off today and what you want to sort out tomorrow. Waking up knowing that you have planned your day in advance immediately increases your productivity levels as you’re more focused.

2.  Move your body at work

Research has shown that lunchtime exercise increases work stamina and help productivity skyrocket. Plan your lunch at the nearest park by taking a short walk to it or do some simple stretches during your break to make the most of your productivity.

3.  Meditate and reflect

Studies shared on have found that meditation leaves the mind with less stress and more concentration. To achieve these results, spend at least five minutes of your morning in quiet reflection. Take long, deep breaths and focus on nothing but your breathing.

4.  Sleep deeper and longer

According to a study carried out by researchers at Harvard Medical School, blue light emitting from most of our smartphones tends to disturb our sleep patterns. Without electronics near your bed, you have a better and deeper sleep that automatically improves your productivity. Therefore, before you go to bed, put your phone on the phone charger station.

5.  Put your smartphone away

You have two choices: don’t miss any notification that appears on your smartphone’s screen or put your smartphone on the charging station for phones and see your productivity soar. Therefore, when you’re about to get busy, put your smartphone away.