Practice and you will see that soon you will get the spark that you think you do not have. The more natural you are the better you try to make explanatory videos that solve the needs of your niche in a simple way. Do not enter into technicalities and use a nearby language.


Here we see why you need to start video production in your business now. YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world. Google is, and probably will always be number one. But YouTube has more than one billion users who watch millions and millions of hours of video.

You could reach them by creating videos that can be accessed in YouTube searches or general Google search results. Everything will depend on the theme of your video and how well it optimizes the search engines.

Video Creators On YouTube Go Beyond Quality And Deliver Benefits.

YouTube has become an educational center for manufacturers and consumers learn for you. Best of all, is that each video on YouTube that you think you can reuse in other video platforms such as Vimeo, DailyMotion and many others.

Do You Want To Reach More People On Social Media?

Start making a video. Videos have been shown to a greater extent than other types of messages. Facebook is also starting to compete with YouTube by allowing publications with videos. This has affected an average of eight billion video publications daily. You want people to commit to your business; you should consider adding live videos.

Facebook has made people perform three times more live videos than prerecorded ones. This is because viewers can participate with the protagonist of the video by sending reactions, asking questions. The interaction is also important to take advantage of the opportunity to get information from your clients about their needs and opinions about your products and services.

But even if you do not want to broadcast a live video yet, you definitely have to start uploading videos to your Facebook page to boost the organic reach. Not to mention that you can take a video, like a featured video which will appear on the box, near the left sidebar of your page?

Live Group Video Chat Another Option To Consider.

Hangouts for Google helped promote the live group chats, videos and group public disclosure of worktables.

And Now What Do I Do?

The question is, if you want to obtain a certain presence on a personal level, what platform to use to obtain the visibility of your business. You should consider getting guests in a live show on one of these new hosting platforms.

Setting an objective for your video is essential to measure the results. Thus you will have the opportunity to modify the strategy and the medium according to the fulfillment of the objective. To make sure you do not care what type of video you create; share it on as many platforms as possible.