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Entrepreneurship is a Game of Throne and is going to war. Wait! Game of Throne and War?

Being an entrepreneur is like being a Lieutenant commanding a platoon in a battle. The commander has to care for their soldiers and themselves. They strategize to stay one step ahead. Sometimes they fail and plans always go uneven. But when the battle is successful, the outcome is always the winner takes all and there is always a throne attached.

Are you are an entrepreneur already? The question is…. Are you really succeeding or you’re just there? 

Year after year business failure keeps on increasing, many businesses keep burning-out and resources, ideas, and time keeps wasting. But these entrepreneurs never wanted failure but they took the mindset to fail. 

Success has to do with a mindset not with outside circumstances. Numerous unfavorable mindsets acted upon towards business as caused many to fail or either go bankrupt. It is easier for one to take risks and chase his dreams with a mindset that he has nothing to lose. In this lies the immense passion, the great advantage of avoiding an avaricious, pleasure-filled way of life. 

Below, therefore, are five mindsets to proclaim success if you’re an entrepreneur.

1. Positive Frame of Mind To Reach Consumers 

The priority of an enterprise is to maximize the relationship share with profitable customers. Customers can be rude, even abusive if they become frustrated. But with positive attitudes, hope remains and sees the best even in difficult situations. A positive mindset involves being optimistic towards situations, and interactions. Consumers might have attitudes towards a wide range of objects, from very product-specific behaviors to more general. However, entrepreneurs with negative attitudes may be more pessimistic, and typically expect the worst possible outcome in tough situations. 

2. Creativity And Innovation Approach 

The world of entrepreneurship is not complete without a creative approach. The paradox of bias against creativity lies in the fact that creativity along with its close cousin innovation is frequently celebrated in entrepreneurship as a most desired organizational trait.

If you look at the world today,  it is easy to see many approaches by many entrepreneurs. Kelvin Systrom, CEO of Instagram, for example, allowed users to see live video streams of their friends in faraway places, as well as get a glimpse of the lifestyle of their favorite celebrities. With reported 700 million users on Instagram, research from Tubular Insights found that people spent eight times longer watching live videos than on-demand.

Even though people claim creativity as liberating force, entrepreneurs are expected to bring in to the world new things, but most times we think creativity fails. Yes, it does, but without creative failures, we wouldn’t have computers, or telephones, or cars, or all of the possible recipes to make our favorite kind of dessert. Be creative, think differently, help us change the world into what it needs to be. Only you can do that. And the best part is: it won’t kill you.

3. Optimist Quality over Quantity

In entrepreneurship, quality should be a cut above quantity and it makes your brand more bonny in the long run. We live in the age of transparency that consumers value the quality of a product over quantity. Cooking up high-quality products might be expensive and time-consuming. However, modern consumers are likely to scout out opinions before purchasing goods, wouldn’t you prefer to be greeted by a stream of favorable comments as than a flood of angry ones afterward quality wins the debate over quantity.

4. Focusing on Branding Value 

Focusing on or Creating a brand that reflects your position in the marketplace and then strengthening that message throughout the business community is critical for successful entrepreneurship.

According to Nielson survey, 59 percent of consumers prefer to buy new products from brands familiar to them. However, consumers need to know who’s business is in order to decide whether or not they interact with them. Nevertheless, in the mind of these customers, you get to be one thing. That matters a lot because the customer’s mind is where your brand lives.

5. Intrinsic Drive to Keep Control of Vision 

It takes an entrepreneur with a vision of the possibilities to attain new levels of experience. Being intrinsic is being capable of keeping performing tasks. Intrinsic motivation can lead an entrepreneur to form and select a goal, but what about the drive to keep the vision and goal moving on the road path to success? On the basis of entrepreneurship, an intrinsic drive helps in maintaining the acquisition of knowledge and skills. 

An entrepreneur, on the other hand, establish a business because it is exciting and challenging.  It requires every part of them to make it successful. They have a picture, a clear vision of how that business is going to work in every detail and result it is going to produce. They never work in their business, rather they work on their business. However, the inability to keep this dream is like putting in a printed picture or even a paper to water. If this printed picture does not find a solution to dry quickly after its removal, it fades away and it probably becomes useless. Your vision is for a fresh start success journey which should start with keeping control of what you really want and skipping what you really don’t want.