Before we get into your goals for the year, let’s start with the goals you achieved in the past.

I’ve heard people focus on what they didn’t accomplish but I want you to write down what you did accomplish.

It doesn’t matter how small the achievement just write it down.

Celebrate those goals and revel in what you were able to accomplish this past year.

Take that list and start with your new goals.

When thinking about your goals here are several questions you need to ask yourself.

1) “Where Do you want to be in 12 months”?

2) How do you plan on obtaining your goals?

3) What are the most important things you need to do that will help attain those goals?

Start writing those goals down. Having those goals written down will be a constant reminder of what you need to do.

4) Will you need other people to help you accomplish those goals? If so how will you bring those people on board?

5) Are my goals truly attainable?

Remember when writing your goals make sure you break them down in a step-by-step format.

Why? It will be easier to attain your goals when you follow a step-by-step system.

Let’s put this into practice

Let’s say you want to start guest blogging. The first thing you need to start doing is commenting on other people’s blogs. Especially the ones you want to guest post on.

Start building a relationship with the blog owner.

Be sure that the content you provide on your website is valuable. When it is, the blog owner will be more likely to accept your guest post request.

Set a goal of how many guest posts you’d like to do for the year and be realistic about it.

Start taking action to reach your goals.

What is one major goal you are going to work on?

Share your thoughts and comments below.

Be Savvy And Successful!

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