After two and a half years into my entrepreneurial journey, I can confidently say to you… I’ve invested in some bizarro things. I’ve had two one on one coaches, an energy coach, multiple online reiki sessions, joined two group programs, hired an in-person reiki specialist and life coach. I’ve gotten my yoga certification, my pilates certification, my TRX, and Barre certificates and taken an aerial yoga apprenticeship. Some of these resulted in profits, but most resulted in more and more debt…

It seems the online business world is constantly convincing us we need ONE more coach, or just one more certification… or one more group program before we’ll truly be successful.

As isolating as this online world can be, it’s easy to believe the hype! Especially if you’ve gotten stuck in a comparison loop of other fancy people on Instagram.

So before you hire another coach, or hire your first one… let’s review five key questions to make sure you’re making the right decision.

There certainly are fabulous coaches out there to help you on your journey but there are also some strange humans that shouldn’t be guiding your journey, and times it isn’t right to invest.

So, let’s begin our introspection.

#1: Do you have the money?

This sounds simple.

But, I certainly didn’t ask myself this question…Do you have the money? Really? Meaning if you pay the amount the coach, program or other elements you are considering is asking out of your checking account, you’ll have enough for your bills and to live life comfortably?

Many coaches promise to increase your profits, vibration and more – but make sure you keep yourself safe before you leap to the next income level.

#2: Does this person have the life you hope to be living in 6-12 months?

If the coach, or leader you are considering lives alone with her cats in an apartment her parents pay for… reconsider. Just saying.

If the person you’re considering hiring is exactly where you want to be in a realistic time frame – proceed forward (if you can say yes to question number one, of course.)

#3: Do you have the time?

If you’re about to push the buy button on a program, be sure you have the appropriate amount of time to invest in yourself. There’s nothing worse than a pile of online courses in your SHOULD DO file… that’s a recipe for an Overwhelm coach. (Do those exist??)

#4: Is therapy a better option for you?

Sometimes you are going through something serious. If life has given you something you need real help with, go professional. Life coaches are better suited for ‘tune-up’ style advice.

#5: Are you sure you just don’t need to watch a motivational YouTube video every morning?

If you are a self-starter who has lost his or her way… see Tony Robbins, Rachel Hollis or Marie Forleo for a pick me up and notice if you see any shifts after one week’s time.